Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 26 – 30, 2020



Oct. 28, Rachel Eugster, Erica Eugster and Sandra Eugster sold 4 Harpoon Hollow to Benjamin L. Kelley for $370,000.

Oct. 30, Oliver Audemard and Rebecca Riday Audemard a/k/a Rebecca Riday-Audemard sold 7 Sandcastle Rd. to Donald T. Scholz and Kim B. Scholz for $1,650,000.

Oct. 30, David Fassler sold 7 Ridge Rd. to Thomas Hecht and Susan Korrick for $1,700,000.

Oct. 30, Audrey Jeffers-Mayhew, trustee of Holly Tree Realty Trust, sold 2 Opies Ln. to Christina Eve Saffron-Troy and Patrick Troy for $805,000.

Oct. 30, John E. McDonald Jr. and Melissa M. McDonald sold 17B East Pasture Rd. to Robert D. Tedaldi and Ruth E. Tedaldi for $5,800,000.


Oct. 28, David Emerson and Margaret Emerson sold 35 North Rd. to Samuel S. Enriquez and Jo A. Stein for $755,000.

Oct. 30, Robert D. Tedaldi and Ruth E. Tedaldi sold 34 Old Farm Rd. to Steven D. Warner and Jennifer Warner for $2,705,000.


Oct. 27, M. Shirley Toman sold 100 Martha’s Road to Michael Epstein and Barbara Epstein for $875,000.

Oct. 27, Elliot Winthrop Smith sold 21 Pinehurst Rd. to Timothy J. Sauer for $309,000.

Oct. 28, Jim Green, Personal Representative of the estate of Ovid Osborn Ward a/k/a Ovid O. Ward, sold 37 Plain Field Way to Arch Building & Home Development LLC for $915,000.

Oct. 29, Robert E. Coad sold 15 Mullen Way to Margaret H. Littlejohn for $1,100,000.

Oct. 30, Ree Jutras-Kuser, trustee of Ree Jutras-Kuser Revocable Trust, sold 11 Katama Dr. to John Ventola and Elaine Ventola for $1,800,000.


Oct. 26, Emma Bankston and Allen DeJan Jr., trustees of Bankston Family Trust, sold 32-34 Pennacook Ave. to Cheri Lynn Griffin Larkins for $670,000.

Oct. 29, Milo A. Silva sold 24 Wing Rd. to Jordan K. Wallace for $310,000.

Oct. 30, Christopher L. Dowley, trustee of Dowley Realty Trust, sold 268 East Chop Drive to Ann Frances Melvin for $2,250,000.

Oct. 30, Mona D. Kronholm and John C. Kronholm sold 6 Mourning Dove Way to Valerie E. Stone and Kathryn T. Hall for $959,000.

Oct. 30, Roderick Lichtenfels sold 395 Barnes Rd. to Dwight L. Bush and Antoinette C. Bush for $3,700,000.


Oct. 27, Jonathan M. Holter, trustee of 123 Greenwood Ave. Realty Trust, sold 31 Mirkwood Ln. to Gabriel R. Lependorf and Michelle M. Lependorf for $1,025,000.

Oct. 28, Olivia Bell Mason, Olivia Mason Baldwin, and Marjorie Mason, trustees of Makonikey Heights Realty Trust No. 10, sold 78 Massabesic Ave. to 65F 1 Tisbury MA LLC for $490,000.

Oct. 29, Sheila P. Demarco and James A. Demarco, trustees of the Sheila II Realty Trust, sold 145 and 145A Edgartown Rd. to Flordeliza Buckley and Michael D. O’Brien for $715,000.

Oct. 29, Charter Trust Co., and John A. Geoghegan, trustees of Gladys Louise Jones Revocable Trust, sold 26 Davis St. to Richard S. Dubin, trustee of 26 Davis St. Realty Trust, for $750,000.

Oct. 30, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, trustee of Jonathan J. Rose 1998 Trust, sold 105 Hines Point to 105 Hines Point LLC for $1,925,000.

Oct. 30. Marilyn Moses sold 12 Old Lighthouse Rd. to Zorica Engelhardt and Maher Kasabji for $820,000.

Oct. 30, Nancy Monestine-Williams, a/k/a Nancy Monestine Williams and Allister R. Williams, sold 162 Clover Hill Dr. to Depelsha Thomas McGruder for $1,037,500.


Oct. 27, Jacqueline Foster sold 19 Kaitlyn Farm Way to Carter Hakala for $58,500.

Oct. 30, Jennifer Allen Feiffer sold 380 Lamberts Cove Rd. to Benjamin R. Zimmermann and Thorunn Zimmermann for $1,000,000.