Oak Bluffs: Red Stocking Fund

— Shelby Regan

As it is every year, Thanksgiving is here once again. Everyone here on the Island and throughout the world has been seriously impacted by the coronavirus. Why is it too difficult to do two things that will protect us? Wear a mask and stay six feet apart outdoors. But despite our fears, we still have much to be thankful for. We are in a beautiful place surrounded by many people who care about us and love us. Today we have our health, and there are so many people standing by to reach out and give us what we need. According to the Old Farmers Almanac: “The company makes the feast.” But even though our company at our table may be only a few, be thankful for the abundances we have. I am wishing everyone a peaceful, enjoyable holiday no matter where or how you celebrate it.

This column had to be in on Friday, Nov. 20, so I am sure I have missed some news, but newspaper editors are deserving of a holiday too, so enjoy.

Every year the United Methodist Church of Martha’s Vineyard has had a mitten tree at the Church in the Campground. People bring in mittens, scarves, gloves, and hats, and hang them on the tree. All of these gifts are donated to the Red Stocking Fund. Because of the coronavirus, Phillips Hardware in Oak Bluffs has a box in the store for these donations. It is of course a different tree, but it will hold the same gifts of love for Red Stocking. And if you wish to donate a monetary gift to help out the fund, that would be great also. Thank you to all who keep the giving spirit continuing, and to Donna for figuring out a way to accomplish this.

Deborah and Dion Alley have been enjoying a visit with Todd and Candyce Mars, who drove up from Minneapolis last week. They have been close friends since Dion and Todd met while in the Navy, and their friendship has lasted these many years.

Many different churches and organizations have always provided a sit-down Thanksgiving meal open to everyone who would enjoy the friendship and a good dinner. Need it be said that of course this year will be different, but the meals and the friendship will still be available. The food is delivered to your home or picked up at a specific location. Some will be cooked meals and others will be all the ingredients you need to prepare one yourself. Please check with your local Councils on Aging to get the information you need.

Oak Bluffs author Tom Dresser has included an Oak Bluffs mystery in his upcoming Zoom book talk. On July 1, 1940, a 72-year-old widow from Dorchester was found dead in her room in a building on an Oak Bluffs shore. No one was ever charged in her death. He shares his account of the murder, and who committed it, some 80 years after the deed was done. Join the Edgartown library for a Zoom book talk at 7 pm on Monday, Nov. 23. Sign up at programs@edgartownlibrary.org.

We send birthday smiles to Lauren Metell and Keilla Geddis on Nov. 27, and Cala Morris, Roxine Klein, and James Vanderoop on the 28th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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