11 new COVID cases Tuesday

Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, Tisbury are all at highest risk category of community spread.

On Tuesday, there were 10 new cases reported on the Island — five of them from TestMV.

There were 11 new cases of COVID-19 reported on the Island Tuesday — eight from TestMV and three from the hospital.

As of Monday, the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has tested 8,160 individuals since March. In total, 219 have tested positive, 7,858 tested negative, and 83 are pending results. 

The Island has seen its worst spike in COVID-19 cases over the past month. In the past three weeks, the Island has reported 45, 63, and 62 cases respectively.

Also as of Tuesday, TestMV, which tests asymptomatic individuals, has tested 23,807 individuals since it began testing in May. Of those, 100 have tested positive, 22,496 negative, and 1,211 pending results. TestMV has returned to five-day-a-week testing to meet demand amid the surge in cases.

The town of Aquinnah is also conducting its own testing. Aquinnah has tested 343 individuals with zero positives, 339 negatives, and 4 pending results.

The new cases also come as the Island ends its fourth week of a jump in cases that began on Oct. 26, when public health officials reported a cluster of cases linked to a wedding at the Lambert’s Cove Inn. Since then, the Island has seen 223 cases of COVID-19 — more than all the cases reported on the Island between March and Oct. 25 combined.

Of the Island’s now 309 confirmed cases, 158 are female and 151 are male. Of those, 71 are in their 30s, 53 are in their 20s, 49 are in their 50s, 51 are in their 40s, 51 are younger than 20, 24 are in their 60s, and 10 are older than 70.

The boards of health are also keeping track of probable cases. There are 27 probable cases reported on the Island. Of those, 22 received positive antibody tests, and five have been symptomatically diagnosed. Of those, 15 are female and 12 are male. There are seven in their 60s, six in their 20s, six in their 50s, three in their 40s, two younger than 20, and three older than 70.

According to an expanded report from the Martha’s Vineyard boards of health on Friday, there are 37 active cases of COVID-19 that health officials are still following. All of the active cases are from individuals who tested positive between Nov. 15 and Nov. 27. All other cases are no longer symptomatic, and have been released from isolation. Of all the cases, 122, or 43 percent, are connected to at least one other case. A majority of these connections are within family and household groups or small social groups. Two groups are considered clusters — the October wedding, to which health officials connected eight cases, and Cronig’s Market, which has reported 19 cases.

Oak Bluffs has also joined Tisbury and Edgartown as communities with the highest risk of community spread, according to new data released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

According to the state data, Oak Bluffs had 36 cases in the last 14 days for a positivity rate of 6.46%. Oak Bluffs has had more than two-thirds of its overall 50 cases in the past 14 days. Edgartown, which joined the high risk category last week, has had 38 cases in the last 14 days for a positivity rate of 3.98%. Meanwhile, Tisbury, which has had the highest number of cases on the Island, showed some progress with 33 cases in the last 14 days and a positivity rate of 2.97%.

According to Tisbury health agent Maura Valley, Tisbury is required to revert to step one of phase three of the state’s reopening plan. This means indoor theaters and performance venues will have to close, outdoor gatherings at public settings are limited to 50 people, library capacity was decreased by 10 percent to 40 percent capacity, and retail fitting rooms are only allowed to be open where operation is necessary. 

The surge in cases is happening statewide. On Monday, the Department of Public Health reported 1,166 positive cases — a 3.93 percent seven-day positivity rate. The number of active cases statewide continues to climb as well with an estimated 43,856 active cases statewide.

The state continues to see new deaths as well, with 25 reported Monday, for a total of 10,748 statewide.