SUV crashes into Cumby’s (video)


UPDATED 3:30 pm

A Lexus SUV crashed into the glass storefront of the Cumberland Farms Tuesday morning in Vineyard Haven, leaving shards littering the store’s entrance. The incident was caught on a nearby webcam. Footage shows the SUV smacking a tree before crashing into the storefront. 

The motorist stated “she spilled her coffee, and that was the cause of the accident,” Tisbury Fire Chief Greg Leland said. Leland said the motorist was uninjured, and not transported. 

Although the Island got its first ocean-effect snow of the season, the slick roads did not appear to be a factor in the accident. It’s unclear if charges will be sought. The crash scene was eventually taped off by the Tisbury Fire Department. By Wednesday, temporary plywood repairs were in place. 



  1. Reallly?! Either your parents had a peculiar sense of humor or that’s one of the better bogus names I’ve seen lately. Straight out of National Lampoon.

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