Update: 19 new COVID-19 cases reported Thursday

COVID patient admitted to hospital.

There were 18 new cases of COVID-19 reported on Martha's Vineyard Friday.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reported 12 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and TestMV reported another seven for a total of 19 new cases Thursday. A COVID-19 patient has also been admitted to the hospital. 

In total, the hospital has tested 8,871 patients. Of those, 277 have tested positive, 8,566 negative, and 28 pending results. 

TestMV has now tested 25,081, with 23,531 negative, 125 positive, and 1,425 pending results. Aquinnah is also conducting testing — 346 people have been tested with no positives, 343 negative results, and three pending results.

Due to some individuals testing positive at both the hospital and the TestMV site, the total number of positives does not equal the number of positives added from each testing site, resulting in a discrepancy.

The Island is in the midst of its sixth week of a surge in cases following Oct. 26, when public health officials reported a cluster of cases linked to a wedding at the Lambert’s Cove Inn. Since then, the Island has seen 301 cases of COVID-19 — more than all the cases reported on the Island between March and Oct. 25 combined.

Of all the Island’s 390 confirmed cases tested since March, 199 are female and 191 are male. Of those, 98 are in their 30s, 70 are in their 20s, 58 are in their 50s, 60 are in their 40s, 63 are younger than 20, 28 are in their 60s, and 13 are older than 70.

The boards of health are also keeping track of probable cases. One new probable case Thursday makes for 28 total probable cases reported on the Island. Of those, 22 received positive antibody tests, and six have been symptomatically diagnosed. Of those, 15 are female and 13 are male. There are seven in their 60s, six in their 20s, six in their 50s, four in their 40s, two younger than 20, and three older than 70.

The surge in cases is happening statewide, with confirmed cases, positivity rates, hospitalizations, and deaths rising or staying at high numbers. On Wednesday, the Department of Public Health reported 5,675 positive cases with a 5.86 percent seven-day positivity rate. The number of active cases statewide continues to climb as well, with an estimated 61,181 active cases statewide. The state saw a drastic jump in new deaths as well, with 89 reported Wednesday, for a total of 11,166 statewide. The average age of those deaths is 82.

On Wednesday, Gov. Charlie Baker announced the vaccine timeline for Massachusetts will come in three phases. Phase one goes from December to February. It includes healthcare workers, long-term-care facilities, and police and fire departments. Phase two will go from February to April, and includes people with more than two co-morbidities, early education, K-12, transit, grocery, agriculture, sanitation, public works, and those over the age of 65. Phase three begins in April, and will be for the rest of the general public.

Updated to include numbers from TestMV.


  1. If you’re not a medical professional, please refrain from spreading information that does not reveal the full impact of contracting Covid-19.

    There are many people – including islanders and those with long standing ties to Martha’s Vineyard – below the age of 82 that have had a very long road to recovery or have succumbed to the illness.

      • If there were 19 new cases reported Thursday, many of those people may have been tested several days ago and unaware they were positive. That, of course, presents problems.

  2. Some of us have been hoping everyone redoubles their efforts concerning masking up and social distancing without any positive results for a good nine plus months now.
    Now we have to sit back and watch the island’s positive numbers increasing almost daily.
    It seems like having Martha’s Vineyard weddings, packed houses and anti-recommendationers (my new word) are the order of the day. Enforcement is and has been non existent!

    Our Washington politicians are real great role models (JK) by ignoring the CDC`s ~ etc recommendations and the very few common sense governors and mayors of our country.
    They give their Orders to us while `Vacationing` in Mexico etc and visiting out of their states all while others are doing damage to our elderly in nursing homes and Veterans Hospitals thu out our country!

    I could say much more but I did not want get George upset and shred my comment.

    • Have any Republican politicians left the state they live in? 3,000 people a day are dying and all you are worried about is if some liberals take a vacation?

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