Oak Bluffs: Festive light shows

— Shelby Regan

The town is starting to hum with more people shopping, walking, admiring holiday and Christmas decorations, and greeting people — most of them wearing masks. I love it when I am in the store and when people spot those they know, they all, including the clerks, end up saying goodbye and ”stay safe” when they leave.

The air this Monday feels like snow and that is what is predicted for tomorrow. It will only be a brief snow storm and will not last long, but the youngsters are excited, and as I look out our window at the porch bird feeders, the birds now queue up along the hanging Christmas light wires, awaiting their turns at the feeder. But the turkey families march boldly through the woods and down the roads in search of whatever they want or need.

Just in time to celebrate the holidays with lights in the sky, on Sunday, Dec. 13, and Monday, Dec. 14th, look northeast all night for the Geminid meteor shower. No batteries or electricity required to enjoy this light show.

But for a really marvelous light show, go down to Ocean Park and see the lighted trees and decorations and light show display, all courtesy of the Crossland Landscape crew and the park and highway departments. The Christmas and holiday lights and decorations throughout the town, and the peaceful light on the tree in Farm Pond, are the result of their hard work. Thank you to Mark and the town employees for bringing this beauty to our town. It is not only work, but a labor of love for our town.

The news about the rapid spread of the coronavirus is not good. Please, we must wear our masks, socially distance and wash, wash, wash our hands and sterilize them. It is so easy to get “fed up” with advice and just say you have had enough, but the increasing numbers of sick people tell the story of what results from just wanting to socially mingle and abandon all advice. Please, if you can safely do so, check on neighbors or those you know have been isolating themselves to see if they need help with shopping or anything else.

On Dec. 16, from 4 to 5 pm, you will be able to participate in a American Sign Language (ASL) Basics four-week course. This “ASL Basics” class teaches signs that anyone can perform. This course is taught in four 45-minute Zoom sessions, and it allows up to 20 participants. Pre-registration is required in advance. Email ccooney@clamsnet.org to sign up.

The Oak Bluffs School website now tells us that grades K through 3 and grades 4 through 6 are now attending in-school classes. For the complete schedule, please log on to the school website at oakbluffsschool.com. You will find days and times that students in those groups will be attending.

Grab-and-go meals are still being distributed from 12 to 1 pm at the school. If possible, please call the school at 508-693-0951 to pre-order and for more information regarding pick-up procedure.

Congratulations to a very special couple, Barbara and Jules BenDavid, who celebrated  their 52nd wedding anniversary on Dec. 7.

We send birthday smiles for the month of December to Woodside Village residents: Adelaide Francis, Michael Mason, Lucy Munafo, Frank Borselle, Julia Blackman, and Robert Schumann.

Birthday Smiles to Chuck Lehman, Jenna Gossen, and my grandson, Isaiah Geddis, on Dec. 12, Peter Tennant on the 13th, Pat Law, Livy Rogers and my daughter-in-law Debra Alley on the 14th, and Mike Marchand on Dec. 15.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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