Hospital expects COVID-19 vaccine this week

Vaccine will go to healthcare workers first.

A person getting a flu shot in 2018. The Hospital is expected to give its first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to employees this week. — 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The first round of COVID-19 vaccinations are expected to arrive at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital this week for frontline healthcare workers.

In an email to The Times, hospital communications specialist Marissa Lefebvre confirmed the vaccines are expected to arrive Wednesday through Thursday. Lefebvre confirmed the first employee will receive a vaccine on Thursday. Sources have told The Times that employees will also be getting shots on Friday.

Earlier this month, hospital officials announced that preparations for the vaccine were underway. Vaccinations for the public are not expected to be available until the spring and will rollout in phases.

The hospital is also rolling out the vaccine in phases for its employees. Lefebvre wrote that hospital president and CEO Denise Schepici and chief nurse and COO Claire Seguin are not part of the hospital’s first vaccination group.

Seguin confirmed earlier this month that a vaccine rollout for the public would look a lot like the flu shot clinic held at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School last month, which had staging areas at Waban Park and the Agricultural Hall.


    • John,
      Let us not forget that if D T had accepted reality in the beginning (February 2020) that the virus existed and took measures to follow what many Asian countries were doing (from their past experiences), USA would not be leading the world in COVID 19 deaths. As well The USA was not the first to come out with a vaccine. Also, be aware that though this maybe a blessing, there are still the unknown side affects that are found with any vaccine. These could be worse. Now in the meantime, let’s not think for a moment that this virus has not already started to mutate which may put us back into a precarious situation. In none of this has D T been a leader. Let’s not forget the news conference where he expounded shining lights down our throats and ingesting cleaning products.

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