O.B. man charged with kidnapping

Tactical team safely apprehends suspect allegedly bent on ‘suicide by cop.’

Felix Reagan at his arraignment in Edgartown District Court on Dec. 21 for kidnapping and other charges. — screenshot

Felix Reagan, 24, of Oak Bluffs was arraigned in Edgartown District Court Monday before Judge Paul Pino on charges of kidnapping, breaking and entering at night, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (butcher knife), and possession of a Class B drug. Reagan pleaded not guilty to all charges. Reagan’s bail is yet to be set, but he is being held pending a dangerousness hearing on Dec. 28. 

Reagan was alleged to have broken into a woman’s residence, threatened her at knifepoint, thrown stuff around her residence, and struck a dog with a thrown object before demanding by threat that the woman drive him to his mother’s residence. Reagan later allegedly threatened to stab a police officer who visited him at his mother’s home, and had to be ousted from the premises with a chemical irritant, but not before he allegedly pretended to have a gun in his pocket and ranted about suicide by police, according to a police report.

Edgartown and Oak Bluffs Police reports indicate a woman reached out to Oak Bluffs Police Sunday morning, and stated she received “aggressive” texts from Reagan at about 2 am while she was at a relative’s house. At 5:30, the woman went to her own residence in Edgartown, and found Reagan in her home and on her bed. Soon after, Reagan allegedly pressed the tip of a butcher knife to the back of her neck, before waving it around and telling her he’d kept it under a pillow. The woman eventually convinced Reagan to put down the knife, whereupon he allegedly said, “I will beat your face in if you don’t sit next to me.”

The woman noticed Reagan was drowsy and, according to reports, duped him into thinking he had to go to work and therefore needed to get up and get home. Reagan allegedly bought into the ruse, but trashed part of the residence upon leaving, and beaned the woman’s dog with a bottle of hand lotion. In the woman’s car, Reagan allegedly “turned on the interior lights and stared at [the woman] for the remainder of the ride,” a report states. “During this time, he repeatedly stated, ‘I am going to beat your face in,’ and ‘Drive faster.’”

The women dropped off Reagan at his mother’s Oak Bluffs residence, and then sought police assistance.

Later on Sunday, while an officer was interviewing the woman, police went to find Reagan. After an officer knocked on the door to Reagan’s mother’s residence, Reagan allegedly said from an open upper window, “What the [expletive] you want pig[?]”

Before the officer could engage in dialogue, according to a report, Reagan fired off obscenities and insults. The officer tried to talk about the incident with the woman, but Reagan allegedly told the officer to “get off his property,” and threatened the officer.

“‘I’m going to stab you, leave now,’” a report alleges Reagan said.

Reagan eventually said he wasn’t coming out, and had barricaded himself in the residence, according to a report. The Vineyard’s tactical team was summoned. 

Reagan’s mother, Yolanda Tucker, exited the house to walk a dog. Police informed her of the situation, and she allegedly said she wasn’t surprised. Police told Tucker she couldn’t re-enter the residence due to the gravity of the situation. Tucker eventually became argumentative, according to the report, and slipped back inside the residence when police were focused on Reagan shouting from a window. She was subsequently removed from the house, and arrested on charges of interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest.

Police could not get Reagan to leave his bedroom, a report states, and de-escalation methods failed. Reagan allegedly continued to threaten police with being stabbed.

“Multiple times Reagan ranted suicide by cop references,” a report states. “At times Reagan would reach into his pocket and pull his hand out fast; Reagan pretended his hand was a gun. Reagan asked numerous times for officers to shoot him in the head.”

The tactical team eventually fired rounds containing pepper-based irritant, and flushed Reagan safely from the residence, after which he was arrested.


  1. From breaking into a home, painting their dog purple, to kidnapping.
    No, no signs at all there was to be trouble ahead.

  2. A dangerousness hearing really after assault with a butcher knife? do they really think they need a hearing?

  3. The police should be congratulated for the remarkable restraint. This is obviously a mental health incident and was treated so.

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