Six new COVID-19 cases at the hospital

Island has had a total of 535 positive and presumed positive tests since March.


Updated Dec. 28

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reported six new cases of COVID-19 Monday — marking 20 new cases since Wednesday before the Christmas holiday.

The hospital has conducted a total of 10,037 tests since March as of Monday. Of those 350 have come back positive, 9,597 negative, and 90 are pending results.

Since March, there have been 501 cases of COVID-19 reported on Martha’s Vineyard. The vast majority of those cases were reported in the past two months when the Island’s first cluster of cases was linked to a wedding in October. Since then, the Island has seen 412 cases of COVID-19 — four and half times the 89 cases reported on the Island between when testing began in March and Oct. 25.

TestMV has conducted 27,754 tests since June as of Saturday. Of those, 162 have tested positive, 26,503 negative, 1,089 are pending results.

The town of Aquinnah has also conducted its own tests. In total, the town has conducted 355 tests of which zero have come back positive, 348 negative, and seven pending results.

Of all the Island’s 501 confirmed cases, 255 are female and 240 are male. Of those cases, 127 are in their 30s, 86 are in their 20s, 73 are in their 50s, 74 are in their 40s, 81 are younger than 20, 41 are in their 60s, and 20 are older than 70. 

The boards of health have linked 203 cases or 41 percent of positive cases to other cases. Most of these connections are within family and household members or between small social groups. 

In addition to the wedding cluster which reported eight cases, clusters at Cronig’s Market, with 19 cases, and a bible study, with 11 cases, have also been reported. Only 40 of the Island’s 495 confirmed cases are still being followed by public health officials. Each of those active cases were reported between Dec. 6 and Dec. 26.

Three new probable positive cases were reported Saturday bringing the Island’s total since March to 34 — 17 females and 17 males. Of those, 24 received positive antibody tests, and 10 have been symptomatically diagnosed. There are seven in their 60s, seven in their 20s, six in their 50s, five in their 40s, three younger than 20, three older than 70, and three in their 30s.


Updated to include new hospital cases Monday. — Ed.


  1. Though there is nothing good about a devistating virus such as this, it shows how many people still are woefully under informed about how to protect themselves and others.

    So many Americans still have the attitude that if you don’t look or feel sick your ok. Well time to sniff the smelling salts. MV definately should look at itself as though it were a separate country of 25k people. As many lower population countries do, they figure out who to invite into the country and those not to. Many have sustainable economies to fall back onto.
    Here the rich support a portion of the Island with dribble down economics when we should have something like the MVC establishing an island wide strategy for a strong year round sustainable economy an island plan. And stick to it.

    Now that COVID19 has mutated more people will be moving to this haven and change our life situation even more. Along with that knowledge there needs to be leadership with vision not to just bumbling along with knee jerk reactions. Hard choices along with healthy, economicely strong and sustainable convictions.
    We are at a pinnacle right now to see what is going on around us locally/ globally.
    Why not
    Put in measures such as
    Telling the SSA and FAA to test people coming to the island?
    Tell people traveling off island to mix with America to quarantine when they return and they do so at their own risk and under supervision.
    Supervise those 450+. Make it mandatory they be taught how to quarantine and keep others safe.
    With so many persons claiming personal space, it’s time to open your heads start to think of your community and act responsibly …..

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