West Tisbury: A fresh start in the new year

— Kyra Steck

Hot, then cold, then hot again, then cold again. This weather is so unpredictable, one more unpredictable quality of an extremely unpredictable year. One can only hope that 2021 will be better. Most everyone I know is eager to see the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and to have 2020 be completely behind us. There is something about a new year, a clean slate, and most of us choose to be optimistic about the future. Here’s to this New Year.

As the Winter Solstice passed last week, I swear that it’s already lighter in the morning when I wake up to get Abby out. It appears to be light later in the afternoon, too. This may all be my imagination or I may just be extremely observant, sensitive to the quality and length of daylight. A friend of mine would say, “Whatever.” I really don’t mind the early evenings at home, especially since I am always there these days. Mike comes home earlier than when he can work until 6 or later, so we have a longer evening together.

Mike and I have a new holiday to celebrate. December 26 is the date one year ago that we got Abby. We have all settled into our rituals together and I am particularly glad not to have to be up during the night taking her out every two hours. She has developed into a very good sleeper, a very good dog all around. December 26 has become Abby Day in our house.

What a wonderful article in last week’s MV Times about Rick Reinhardsen. Rick has been dedicated to the mission of the Salvation Army, a lifelong commitment. The article details his history with the organization. Much of the work he does is providing food for families and at emergency sites on the Island and the Cape. As head of the Salvation Army contingent on the Island, he organizes whatever help is needed. He and Christina have been outside of Cronig’s whenever I have been there lately. They are there whatever the weather, collecting for the Salvation Army, a labor of love and dedication they have done for many years.

Many of you will remember Grace Jurgiel, who has been interning at Segel Podiatry for the past five years before leaving to begin her medical school studies in podiatry. She returned to the Island when remote learning became the norm as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, back to Segel Podiatry and the mentorship of Dr. Jay Segel. Grace will be leaving soon to attend Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. Her interest is the study of rehabilitation and biomechanics, and Dr. Segel has given her a strong preparation, as that is his particular interest; he is a well-regarded expert in that area. Grace plans to return during the summers to continue her work with Dr. Segel and hopes they will practice together after her graduation in 2024.

It is another gray morning as I am writing here. Mike and Abby have gone off for their morning walk. The cats are asleep around the house, resting up for their next inevitable confrontations with one another. Our little Christmas tree sits on a table near me, surrounded by our modest collection of gifts, all special, and more than many people will have. A few books, some new socks, a beautiful burl wood bowl filled with pears, a polished wooden salt grinder and sea salt, two 2021 calendars, and more chocolate than any two people deserve to have. We are rising to the challenge and eating chocolate every day. There is a new ornament sparkling on our tree, a golden retriever representing our new golden retriever. We have a whole new year to begin together.

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