Police investigate tree removal

Oak Bluffs Police are investigating the illegal removal of a tree near Ocean Park on New Years Day. — Brian Dowd

Oak Bluffs Police are investigating the illegal removal of a catalpa tree near Ocean Park on town property.

Mark Crossland of Crossland Landscape, who maintains Ocean Park for the town, posted a photo of the tree stump on the Islanders Talk Facebook page, asking anyone with information on who cut down the 35-foot catalpa tree to contact him, the Oak Bluffs Police, the parks department, or the highway department.

Speaking to The Times by phone Monday, Sgt. Dan Cassidy said police received a call from a witness on Sunday, who after seeing a post on Islander’s Talk from Mark Crossland, said they saw the tree being removed in the afternoon on New Year’s Day by a “white male in a long coat chopping the tree down with an axe,” accompanied by a couple of other men. Cassidy said he has been in contact with homeowners in the area and tree companies.

Also speaking to the Times by phone Monday, highway superintendent Richard Combra said the tree was “pretty old” and the parks department wanted to keep it.

“The town definitely didn’t take it down,” Combra said. “It had been there quite a while.”


    • John– most Biden supporters are environmental tree huggers.
      Why would they cut down a tree ?
      Sometimes you have to use logic, and accept the reality that not everything that happens that is bad or illegal is attributable to liberals.

    • No doubt, huh? Maybe you can provide the same amount of proof that was provided by those who think the election was rigged.

  1. A Catalpa tree can easily be grown from cuttings so look for it being re planted elsewhere. There was no reason to cut this tree down except for theft.

  2. Isn’t it right in the immediate vicinity of the local constabulary? How observant….wow, just wow.

  3. How has this not been solved? An eyewitness, video from surrounding home’s video cameras? Something else is going on here.

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