Oak Bluffs: Remembering from the heart

— MV Times

When you say the year 2021, it still sounds like a science fiction book to me. But let’s turn it into a year that is better in any way that previous years have been. I think a great many of us have learned many lessons in simplicity, gratitude, and thankfulness during those past 365 days.  With the promises of the new vaccines to curb the spread of the Coronavirus there is hope for a lessening of the pandemic. Even with vaccines, unless we continue to wear masks, socially distance for just a little longer we will not be successful in halting this highly contagious virus. So keep on working at doing what you should.

Our New Year’s weekend was anything but calm with fireworks that started in the morning on Dec. 31 and continued intermittently throughout the day and night, and off and on throughout the day and night of Jan. 1 and 2.  We planned on preparing our dog Chance with meds on the afternoon of the 31st, but the early sendoff of explosions sent him into a panic attack and as of Jan. 3, he still refused to go outside for his last-of-the-night walk. I am even more sorry for anyone who suffers from PTSD, autistic children, and anyone who also had to put up with the panic it might have affected in their pets. A little compromise of being considerate would be most helpful.

The forsythia and late chrysanthemums are still courageously blooming. We have been invaded by large flocks of every variety of woodpeckers, Carolina wrens, and of course the faithful nuthatches and chickadees. Everyone likes to watch them at the feeders, from Doodle the cat to the 1 and 2-year-olds.

In previous years, for this first January edition of the Times, I say farewell to all those Oak Bluffs residents who passed during the past year. For the first time in memory the list is much too long to name everyone, so I will just list a few and please know if your loved one is not listed here, that many people hold their memory in their hearts. So farewell to Dennis daRosa, Bob Dutton, Lynn Gatchel, Jasmine Reis, Earl Peters, Kay Manning, Tom Furino, Susan Rogers, Billy Bernard, Fern Thomas, Aaron Tripp, Barbara Nolan, Gladys Combra Welch, Robbie Stafursky, Thomas, Carol, Nelson and Buddy deBettencourt, Emma Hall, Richard Walton, Doris Gregory, Brenda Lynch, and Mary Perry. You left memories throughout the Island.

For the good news, blessings come in small sizes. Anderson Elizabeth Farrissey, who will be called Andie, was born to Andrew and Maureen Farrissey on Tuesday, Dec. 29. The welcoming arms who were so happy to greet her included grandparents Andy and Kathy Farrissey and great-grandfather Bill Anderson.

Phillips Hardware, daRosa’s, Reliable Market and a few other stores and restaurants remain open for our shopping in spite of the virus. Thank you to all of them for keeping our town vibrant and for supplying us with what we need.

Here are some library offerings for the next week: Jan. 9 from 5 to 6 pm Virtual Cooking with Carolina. Every Saturday night Carolina demonstrates how to make a new recipe from her home kitchen on Facebook Live. Join in at facebook.com/illuminateob Jan. 13 from 7 to  8 pm for Music As Meditation: Free Online Ukulele/Guitar Class for beginners. Please email oakbluffslibrary@gmail.com to sign up. This five-week course covers the basics of playing the ukulele or guitar and explores how music can serve as a mindfulness practice. We will learn how playing an instrument can aid us in time management, stress relief. Jan. 14 from 5 to 6 pm offers A Funny Program About Funny Programs: The Greatest Sitcoms of All Time. Awardwinning author and pop culture historian Martin Gitlin hosts this fun and enlightening presentation based on his book, “The Greatest Sitcoms of All Time.” He is the only author to actually rank the best of the best, including “I Love Lucy” and “All in the Family.” As always, please check with the library to register and obtain a list of supplies you will need.

We send birthday smiles to Jerry Baric on Jan. 9, Brenda Leonard on the 10th, my grandson Sam Alley and Richard Comba Jr. on the 11th, and Jack deBettencourt on the 12th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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