Search warrants result in three arrests


Three Tisbury residents were arrested Tuesday on drug charges, according to a press release from the Tisbury Police Department. The drug charges are the result of a two-month investigation that included the Cape Cod Drug Task Force, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, and Falmouth Police, the release states.

On Tuesday at 10:30 pm, two search warrants were executed. The first warrant was executed in Falmouth by the Cape Cod Task Force, DEA, Falmouth Police, and members of the Tisbury Police Department, on a vehicle registered to Janelle Berneche, 31, of Tisbury. In the vehicle was also Jason Mello, 32, of Tisbury. As a result of the search warrant on the vehicle, both Berneche and Mello were arrested for possession of a Class A substance suspected to be fentanyl, the release states.

Simultaneously, the second warrant was executed solely by members of the Tisbury Police Department, at the Tisbury residence of Mello and Berneche. At that location at the time of the search was Ryan Mello, 33, of Tisbury. As a result of the search, Ryan will be charged with possession of a Class B substance (cocaine) and a Class E substance (gabapentin). 

Berneche and Jason Mello were held at the Falmouth Police Department, and are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Falmouth District Court, the release states.


  1. These two search warrants must have been a welcome distraction for the lawsuit-ridden Tisbury Police.
    From tragic fatal collisions, innumerable lawsuits, endless personnel changes, this is just what they needed to distract the public.

  2. Great job….get more of them off our Island.
    Thank you …for doing your job to stop more drugs from coming here.

  3. I hope they all get the help they need to turn things around. From this low point, ever higher.

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