Local journalism’s value


To the Editor:

I am writing to renew my call to support local journalism through the simplest and most direct way — the annual subscription. I’d written last year that the cost of subscribing to both local papers was literally less than peanuts, since if you looked at the weekly cost of subscription, it was one-third the price of a can of salted peanuts. It was a whimsical observation, but it proves the point that for a minimal amount, we can preserve local coverage. Sadly, local journalism is one of those things that most people don’t realize the value of until it’s gone, as has happened in thousands of communities around the country. 

We all may have our occasional disagreements with the slants of articles or editorial stances — that’s inevitable — but in the big picture, the value of homegrown journalism is simply too great to let slip away. Please cast your vote — via subscription — for preserving this critical fixture in our community and our democracy.

Julian Wise
West Tisbury