FAQS about COVID-19 vaccines

Hospital officials answer questions about who can get the vaccine when. Jeremy Driesen

Who is organizing the vaccination effort on the Island?

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

How do I get a vaccine?

Vaccines are available to eligible individuals based on the state’s vaccine rollout plan. Phase two of the rollout begins on Feb. 1, and includes individuals 75 years and older. Hospital patients can sign up through Patient Gateway. Non-hospital patients can fill out an attestation form from the state’s website. Visit mass.gov/lists/covid-19-vaccine-attestation-form-translations to access the form.

I don’t have the ability to navigate a computer, how do I sign up for a shot?

No phone line is set up to sign up for a vaccine. The hospital encourages individuals to seek help from family or neighbors for assistance in using a computer.

I don’t have a printer, how do I fill out the attestation form?

Those who do not have access to a computer or printer are able to pick up a printed form at the hospital. The hospital is working to have printed copies available at libraries. The forms can then be dropped off at the hospital.

Are there directions to sign up for a vaccine in other languages?

The attestation form is in Albanian, Arabic, Mandarin, English, French, Haitan Creole, Khmer, Polish, Potuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

When will phase three of the vaccine rollout begin?

The hospital does not have a set date for phase three, which includes the general public. The state estimates phase three will begin sometime in April.

How is it determined how many doses of the vaccine will be released on the Island?

The hospital estimates there are 5,000 people eligible in phase two of the vaccine rollout. So far, the hospital has received 370 doses for phase two–eligible individuals. Doses depend on supply from the state, which depends on supply from the federal government.

What percentage of people does the Island need to get vaccinated for herd immunity to be effective here?

As with any other infection, there are two ways to achieve herd immunity: A large proportion of the population either gets infected, or gets a protective vaccine. Experts don’t know yet how many people need immunity to achieve herd immunity, or how long it will take to get there. Herd immunity and “back to normal” life depend on several factors.

Source: Martha’s Vineyard Hospital officials



  1. 1:I want to make sure MV Hospital has received my attestation form etc as required for them to call me for an appointment.
    2:I have been a patient at MV Hospital a number of times. Am I therefore in Patient Gateway?

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