Island Home returned to service Sunday

The Island Home ferry canceled two trips Thursday night on the same day it returned to service. -Rich Saltzberg

Updated March 1

The Island Home returned to service last Thursday, but was sidelined by mechanical issues that night. According to an email alert last Thursday, the ferry’s 7:15 and 8:30 pm crossings were canceled “due to mechanical issues.”

In a text message, SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll wrote, “Vibration was noted on the propeller shaft.” The trip was canceled as a precaution, Driscoll noted. “The boat will make its last trip off Island and berth in [Woods Hole], and the engineers will examine it.”

The Island Home had been undergoing its annual maintenance prior to Thursday’s return.

In a follow-up email, Driscoll wrote that the ferry was taken to Fairhaven to be checked, even though the vibration did not reoccur. “After visual inspection of the rudders, propellers, and shafts by divers, as well as inspection of the reduction gear by an external technician, the vessel was determined to be in working order, and no defects were discovered following a subsequent sea trial in Fairhaven. It returned to service Sunday [morning],” Driscoll wrote.

The canceled crossing on Thursday caused a problem for some customers with vehicle reservations.
“About a dozen vehicles with reservations were unable to be transported back to the Island on Thursday night; those individuals were offered complimentary parking and passenger transport so they could return to the Island that evening on the MV Martha’s Vineyard and retrieve their cars the following day.” he wrote. “I’m told that most of them took that option. On Friday, we brought the MV Governor into service to help alleviate the backup due to the cancellation, as well as the swapping in of the MV Nantucket for the MV Island Home and the resulting loss in vehicle space.”

Updated with more details.



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