SSA offers priority passage for vaccine appointments

A mariner on the Martha's Vineyard tested positive for COVID-19 -Rich Saltzberg

Beginning April 1, the Steamship Authority is treating vaccine appointments the same as medical appointments for Vineyard residents traveling off-Island.

Residents traveling off-Island will have to already have an active preferred or excursion profile with the SSA, and show proof of a vaccine appointment with name, data, and time of appointment.

The announcement was made in a newsletter sent out by the SSA Thursday.

Reservations must be made with a reservation supervisor. Supervisors can be contacted at 508-477-8600 between 7:30 am and 4 pm, seven days a week. Travel for other medical appointments, such as doctor appointments and surgeries, will receive priority over vaccination appointments. Due to demand, travel on some specific trips may not be available, according to the SSA.

“We will make every effort to put you on a trip at the closest available time prior to your documented appointment time,” the newsletter states.


  1. They were very helpful when I needed to get off-island this week for my first shot, and there was no available space.

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