West Tisbury: Signs of the season

— Kyra Steck

Sunny with cloudless blue skies is today’s weather, and predicted to remain so for most of the weekend. Maybe a little rain on Sunday that I hope will come late enough for the Easter Bunny to have made his deliveries and all our Island children to have hunted outside for their eggs.

Easter eggs don’t even have to be dyed anymore. It seems that every time I open an egg carton, there are already lots of different colors from the varieties of hens laying on the Island. Bright blue, deep red-brown, pale tan, soft green, pure white, they are nestled inside. I was interested in the food dyes that the Farm Institute was selling; they were made from beets, turmeric, and red cabbage. The colors were glorious.

I have to correct an error from last week’s column. Lucas Thors wrote on the MV Times website about the plastic daffodils that always appeared outside the Howes House on April 1. “Not Your Garden Variety Prank” gave credit to Joseph Howes, then to John Alley. I had always thought that George Manter put them out every year, but I was mistaken.

Recently, Kate Taylor was featured in an interview in Rolling Stone. You can read it online: bit.ly/3dIbPqF. She has a new album coming out this summer. There is a link to Kate’s website to pre-order the album and you can look at her paintings while there.

Everyone knows by now that Emmett Carroll died last week. For so many years, I would happily run into Emmett and Kathie around the Island, or Emmett with Ted Mayhew in charge of the table at the entry to lobster roll night, pizza night, and so many other occasions at the Chilmark Community Church. I have always believed they were in charge of almost everything in Chilmark. Condolences to Kathie, their family, and their lifetime of friends.

Has anyone noticed the full moon at the end of March? It was the first full moon of spring, the first super moon of 2021, huge and showy and beautiful. It is closest to the Earth in its orbit, approximately 240,000 miles closer, enough to appear noticeably larger, a super moon.

It is also called the Worm Moon, because the ground has softened enough for earthworms to reappear, attracting the attention of spring robins newly appeared after returning from their winter migration. I remember when seeing the first robin was as exciting as seeing the first daffodil or hearing the first pinkletink, a sure sign that spring was here. Now we are accustomed to robins staying here all winter.

Daffodils are everywhere now, just in time to make an Easter display in gardens and along all the Island roadways. The sight of them makes me smile. Such a simple pleasure that makes all the difference in my day.

A reminder that our annual town election is next Thursday, April 15, in the apparatus bay of the Public Safety Building. Polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm. There is plenty of room there for social distancing and plenty of fresh air. Masks will be required. Don’t forget to vote.

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