Katzen to buy Mad Martha’s

Mad Martha's is under new ownership.

Little House owner Brooks Katzen is buying Mad Martha’s. The business and three associated properties went up for sale late last year for $10.5 million. Patricia Roberts, one of the owners of Mad Martha’s, said the deal will close “hopefully sometime before Memorial Day.” She didn’t provide a sale price or details about the deal. When asked if it will remain an ice cream business, she said she wasn’t sure what Katzen’s plans were. “I just know he has some business plans,” she said.

Katzen declined to provide any details about the purchase. “At this point, I’m not able to comment on the deal at all,” he said. He said there were legal reasons for withholding information at this time. 

Katzen, who comes from a real estate background, said generally speaking, he found certain Vineyard properties were being marketed inextricably with the businesses run from them. This was true of Little House, he said. 

“They weren’t just going to sell the real estate,” he said. He bought both the business and real estate in Little House’s case, and has invested in the business. “We have a strong takeout program,” he said.

He said they’ve been building up the menu, and hope to reopen the dining room when it’s safe to do so. 

Katzen also purchased the Island mini golf and the land it sits on. That property is where he co-runs a food truck. On Sunday, former Little House chef Tyler Potter of the Swimming Pig will be the focus of a special food event at the truck, Katzen said. Potter will be offering handmade sausage sandwiches.