Bolt hazard, fuel spill punctuate hose ramp

These protruding bolts have allegedly popped tires.

Updated 5:30 pm 

A vehicle suffered a fuel spill Wednesday at the hose ramp across Beach Road. Scanner traffic suggested it might have been a bus. A slick smelling of diesel stretched from the bump far up the road past Net Result. A MassDOT worker spreading absorbent granules on the spill Wednesday afternoon said something similar happened Tuesday. 

Some motorists have also allegedly suffered tire damage from bolts that have begun to pop up in the hose ramp. The ramp was installed on Beach Road to protect a hose running from the Citgo gas station to the harbor.

Tisbury Police Chief Mark Saloio said his department recently received four complaints about the ramp recently, but none specifically about tire damage. Chief Saloio said the contractor has been notified, and has hired a police detail. Select board chair Jim Rogers expressed frustration at the situation. He said Tisbury has “no control” over the section of Beach Road the ramp runs across, and jurisdiction falls under the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). “There’s nobody here from MassDOT,” he said earlier in the day when the state agency wasn’t present. 

Just before 11 am Wednesday morning, two Tisbury Police officers on foot were monitoring the ramp area, and a cluster of pulled bolts could be seen on the sidewalk. On the ramp, several bolts could be seen protruding from their recesses. Later in the day, an officer in a cruiser could be seen watching the ramp from Beach Street Extension. 

“If anyone has vehicle damage,” Rogers said, they should certainly make a claim to the owner of Citgo [Drake Petroleum Co.] and copy the Tisbury Police. We’ll work with them to make sure they get taken care of.”

A spokesperson for MassDOT could not immediately be reached for comment. 

Chief Saloio expressed concern that removal of bolts could diminish the structural integrity of the ramp. He said he hopes it will remain stable. 

Updated to include diesel slick. — Ed.


  1. Is it April first again ?
    This is a joke, right ?
    Good luck trying to get compensated by the owner of THAT gas station..
    Is the water being pumped into the harbor being tested for petrol residue ?
    Could this happen anywhere other than Tisbury ?
    If the town has “no control” over that section of road, I guess all traffic rules are unenforceable by Tisbury police ?
    I wonder what the town would think if someone abandoned an unregistered vehicle or boat in the middle of this hazard ? Could they tow it ?
    How many bolts can come out of this thing before it just collapses ?
    Tisbury has “no control” ????… That comment has to get the most disingenuous comment of the year award.
    I will go through the roundabout rather than risk my tires getting punctured.
    I will bill the gas station, the town, and the state for my time and wasted gas.
    Anyone want to guess who I will actually get money out of ?
    How about “none of the above” ?
    I guess I have a lot of questions about this one…

  2. Are these people all idiots? I can’t believe what I’m reading. I have to go to the hosptital tomorrow and will take the long way there and back.

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