Tisbury: Daffodils and dandelions

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: Accept facts: When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

Seems to be there are many folks who prefer the changes to Beach Road being lessened a little. No one questions the need for better safety to bicyclists and pedestrians, but there were some real issues that needed to be settled. The current plan seems better to me, too.

I hadn’t really planned to watch the funeral for Prince Philip. Then a friend called and reminded me. It was a well-done farewell to a good family man and of course a man who had done a lot for England, besides giving up his naval career. His naval cap and ancient sword on top of the coffin would have had so much personal meaning for him. I found most touching the final scene, of the Scotsman playing a forlorn wail on bagpipes, as he walked alone through the door leaving the chapel.

Many commented on the first Bible lesson read at the funeral which began “Look at the rainbow…”

I don’t know but would hope this event might give some comfort to those among us who have lost loved ones this past season of COVID. It has lasted so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it is like to enjoy a meal — or a drink — with someone else.

We know spring is coming when we see all the lovely daffodils in the ground and on Main Street in window boxes. I discovered I had some in bloom, but had not been out in the yard so forgot all about them. There is just something about bright yellow cheering us up even before the trees get new leaves on them.

I have high hopes that all of you are either vaccinated or planning to be. Not only has this issue been confining us in so many ways, but now it is confirmed that the new variations have appeared on the Island. All the more reason to social distance and wear masks. Remember, that applies even if you’ve had the shots.

Speaking of shots, what is it with all these young people shooting up malls? Someone suggested that national news outlets should not give so much publicity when these things happen. News reports suggest there are more shootings now than ever. When I was a kid, you only heard about such things if you lived in the neighborhood or town. Never if you lived a thousand miles away. I must admit I rather prefer that kind of reporting.

The Thrift Shop is open, if you didn’t notice. I understand they are being offered more furniture than they can use. So if you need any, you might try to help them create new space. They also need volunteers as well.

Someone said that any who don’t wear masks are simply selfish. Perhaps, but maybe simply do not understand that it puts them at risk as well.

School children seem to deal with masks very well, some even forgetting to take it off when they get home. Other folks seem to think wearing it dangling off one ear will do some good. Well, it does look funny.

I’ve been impressed with so many Islanders who have gone off-Island to get shots. And succeeded in other cities in Massachusetts, as well as going out of state. The more who do, the sooner our world will open up to us again. But I hate that this is the constant topic on our minds.

COVID has had one good result for me: I don’t watch TV news anymore if I can help it.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes to Jessica Soleil and Melanie Jane Dickson go out on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: Enjoy the April showers, promising the dandelions of summer.

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