Up-Island Cronig’s reopens

Up-Island Cronig's reopened Monday after a pandemic shutdown and an extensive remodel. - Rich Saltzberg

After a pandemic shutdown and an extensive renovation, up-Island Cronig’s has reopened in West Tisbury. Owner Steve Bernier said he was glad to see the store reopen. Through a numerical fluke, the store, which opened Monday, did so 13 months and 13 days after shuttering on Friday, March 13, 2020. The unanticipated downtime gave Bernier an opportunity to renovate the store. He did so at what he estimated was a cost of $1.2 to $1.4 million for construction and $200,000 in general business expenses. 

“All that work happened with Islanders,” he said. Bernier said it was important to him to keep the work in the community, and did not import contractors. He said the remodeling, which was a wholesale upgrade and replacement, will give the store another three decades of operability. 

Bernier described the remodel as making lemonade out of a pandemic lemon. 

Store manager Haroldo Nascimento, who has worked for Cronig’s for 14 years and in up-Island Cronig’s for seven, said customers who’ve come in thus far are “so happy.”

Asked what he thought of the renovation, Nascimento said, “It’s awesome. It’s beautiful.”


  1. If he used his PPP money he got from the government would’ve been a good use of our taxpayer dollars. Even if it was not the intended purpose of it.


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