Why take down the vines?


To the Editor:

I don’t know why, but I have often felt that this island is populated by well-educated people who have the well-being of the community in mind.

That notion started to erode after we had a fierce debate for nearly eight years about a roundabout. I for one sure do miss the 10-minute wait at the four-way stop.

Then we had the Tisbury School. Here, the people spoke — they didn’t want no stinking new school for $32 million. Nooooo, much better to take a 100-year-old pig and put some lipstick on it, and buy it a new pair of shoes for twice the price. And for good measure, we can disrupt the education of the children for years while the “adults” haggle about why no one bothered to check for lead and asbestos while the work crews renovate our beloved pig.

And then to just add insult to injury, the Post Office removed all the vines that were growing on the front of the Post Office building.

You know, I have to say that the Tisbury waterfront, complete with a yellow plastic car destroyer, Third World sidewalks, a main road that floods frequently, and an administration that can’t seem to make any rational decision about anything really put icing on the ugliness of the downtown area by taking down the vines on the Post Office building. I guess someone thought that adding (at some astronomical cost ) a few more feet of precious concrete to our town was what we really needed.

I really have to wonder: Who the fence thought that was a good idea?

We claim to be concerned about climate change, but then tear down the vines and the nests and habitat of hundreds of birds to pour a foot-thick slab of concrete. That will help with getting us to carbon-neutral, I guess. A nice coat of whitewash, and it’s all better.


Look around the next time you are at Five Corners — you could be in any Third World country.

I just hope this is the bottom. 


Don Keller

Vineyard Haven