Shellfish constable opts for bench trial


Edgartown shellfish constable Paul Bagnall appeared before Edgartown District Court Judge Benjamin Barnes remotely on Friday morning, and requested a bench trial. Bagnall faces a charge of property defacement from the Edgartown Police Department for allegedly ruining a neighbor’s lawn with a town pickup truck. Following a finding of probable cause in a magistrate’s hearing, Bagnall was arraigned on Dec. 31, and pleaded not guilty. Judge Barnes set a bench trial for June 15. 


  1. If I have been following this correctly in the newspapers the defendant admitted he did what he did and now he pleads not guilty. Let’s hope another travesty of justice and legal maneuvering’s do not get him off. This is a silly one day mistake let’s just apologize pay a fine and be done with it. Now we have taxpayer money running the court system for this minor mishap. But that is society today no one is ever at fault for anything and no one knows how to apologize and say I’m sorry I messed up.

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