Edgartown to make fireworks decision

Edgartown will make a decision about this years fireworks display on May 17. -Lexi Pline

There’s still hope for Fourth of July fireworks in Edgartown.

Despite the cancellation announced in Falmouth this week, and the early decision for Oak Bluffs not to have its August display, town administrator James Hagerty told The Times Edgartown will make a decision on May 17.

Funds for the fireworks are approved at annual town meeting, and the town utilizes a contractor for the show. Voters will decide on a $50,000 warrant article for the fireworks at annual town meeting on May 22.


  1. It’s long past time for Edgartown to switch to QUIET (i.e. Noiseless) Fireworks. The explosions scare all animals and birds and terrify some young children. Noiseless fireworks are far more spectacular because ALL the energy goes into the colors, none into noise.

    Noiseless fireworks are SOP in other countries. Let’s do it here….

  2. The more noise the better time we respect everyone’s wishes and fireworks with out noise is like a beach with no water. Bring back the parade as well.

  3. That is part of the Fourth of July celebration a great firework show with a lot of Boom and color

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