Fishing vessel sinks in Woods Hole

The Determination sank off Penzance Point Friday. - Courtesy Tow Boat US

Updated May 17

The fishing vessel Determination sank in Woods Hole off Penzance Point early Friday evening. The U.S. Coast Guard was notified the vessel was taking on water at 4:50 pm, according to Petty Officer Amanda Wyrick. Two 45 foot response boats from Station Woods Hole came to the vessel’s aid and safely recovered the crew, Wyrick said. The vessel sank by Buoy 11, Wyrick said. She could not confirm whether or not the vessel struck rocks. Mark Brown of Tow Boat US, Falmouth, responded to the scene and asked the crew what had happened.

“They wouldn’t tell us,” he said.

Conrad Roy of New Bedford’s Tucker Roy Marine Towing and Salvage said his son plans to dive on the Determination Friday night to plug up the vents “so oil is not leaking out.”

Brown said the Determination had plenty of diesel and squid aboard when it sank.

Roy said his company will start the process of recovering the vessel on Saturday.

However by Monday afternoon salvage was not yet underway on the sunken vessel. Roy said his company has yet to be given the “go ahead.” On Monday, Petty Officer Briana Carter said a salvage plan has been submitted to the Coast Guard. Pending approval, the vessel is anticipated to be refloated later in the week, Carter said. 

Updated with additional details.


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