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COVID-19 Vaccines and CDC New Guidelines

Calebe Dos Santos took his Pfizer shot the day after the FDA authorized its use for his age group. — Courtesy Miriã Dos Santos

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What a different May we have this year — I am so grateful for a new experience as we head into our busiest season on the Island. I am also extremely thankful to live in the United States — my home country is in flames, and I get afraid every time I get a notification about Brazil. My heart breaks for all Brazilians who lost a family member, for all the hunger being experienced by so many Brazilians, the lack of jobs, resources, and a compassionate leader. Most of the votes that Brazil’s current president received were from Brazilians who reside in foreign countries. I sincerely hope they remember how Jair Bolsonaro reacted to this world health crisis.

Many of the Brazilian folx who have received their vaccines at M.V. Hospital reported that when they were there, they felt as if they were in Brazil, because there were a lot of Brazilians getting vaccinated, and that makes me so happy. It’s as if we are getting vaccinated for those in Brazil who didn’t have the opportunity. Vaccine equity is needed to protect everyone, everywhere. The longer it takes for COVID-19 vaccines to reach people across the globe, the greater the risk to all of us as new variants of the virus continue to spread.

Masks Requirement

CDC, Brazil’s Anvisa, came out with new guidelines for those who have been fully vaccinated and the use of masks. Remember, you are fully vaccinated two weeks after taking the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna and two weeks after taking the Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

CDC is recommending the continued use of masks and social distancing in schools. In the post clarifying mask guidance for schools, the CDC states that schools need to make efforts to remain open as a way to combat systemic health and social inequalities among students of color.

The reason regarding masks and fully vaccinated people is because science shows that vaccines are effective. Here is the link to the new guidelines and explanation; unfortunately, there’s no translation to Portuguese, but this link is to the version in Spanish

Vaccines for adolescents and second doses 

Right now, kids from 12 to 15 can receive the Pfizer vaccine at M.V. Hospital. A parent/guardian needs to be present and needs to sign a consent form. If you took the first shot somewhere else, you can now take the second dose at M.V. Hospital, call 508-684-4500 for assistance.

Help with scheduling the vaccine

If you or anyone on the Island needs help to schedule the vaccine, text the number 774-302-9598. Text your first and last name, date of birth, and address. Once the appointment has been booked, a screenshot will be sent. This number doesn’t receive audio messages.