W.T. sets new fire chief’s salary


With contract language still in the works, the West Tisbury select board nevertheless forged ahead Wednesday evening with setting a salary for new Fire Chief Greg Pachico. The board unanimously voted to offer Pachico $120,000. After a motion and a second were put forth to go into executive session on the subject of the fire chief’s salary, select board chair Skipper Manter told the board he was disinclined to deliberate Chief Pachico’s potential salary in executive session. 

“I think this particular executive session should not happen,” Manter said. “I think we should do it in the public session. All the public salaries in town are discussed in the open sessions of the personnel board,” he said. He also said the maximum salary, per the budget, is known — $120,000. “I don’t think it would be any harm for the town and the people to know how we came to our final agreement,” he said. 

Select board member Kent Healy said he agreed with Manter.

“You know what, it’s OK with me if we do it in open session,” select board member Cynthia Mitchell said.

After brief deliberation, the board voted to give Chief Pachico the maximum, $120,000 per year. 

“I accept,” Chief Pachico said.


  1. Regionalization I know it’s a bad word nobody wants to give up power everybody wants control. We already had this discussion over the millions of dollars that are paid to police departments on the island every year I wonder how far behind the fire departments are.

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