COVID cases dipped last week

Tisbury is still the only municipality in Massachusetts at the highest risk.


One week after cases spiked on Martha’s Vineyard to 55 positive results of COVID-19, they were back down to 26 total cases for the Island last week, according to an expanded report released Monday by the Island boards of health.

Of those 26 cases, 19 were from Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, four were at the TestMV site, 2 by the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), and one from another unspecified provider. Twelve of the cases were symptomatic, 9 were asymptomatic, and five were unknown.

That brings the total number of cases to date to 1,581 with 1,499 of them confirmed with positive test results, according to the data. The cases involved 769 males and 730 females.

Newer positive cases continue to involve young people with more than half 14 individuals under 29. Eight of the cases were for individuals 10 and younger.

Dukes County and Nantucket counties continue to have the highest COVID-19 positivity rate in the state, according to data from the state Department of Public Health.

As of May 27, the two Islands have had a combined 2,917 positive cases since testing began in March 2020. Between May 9 and May 27, the Islands have had a 5.28 percent positivity rate. The next highest is Bristol County with a 2.39 percent positivity rate. State data combines Dukes and Nantucket in its weekly COVID reports. The boards of health report states that Dukes County alone continues to have the highest positivity rate in the state.

Tisbury remains the only Massachusetts municipality in the state’s “red” or highest COVID risk category due to having 30 cases in the past two weeks and a positivity rate of 6.86 percent. 

With Tisbury’s population just over 4,000, the number of cases needed to designate it as highest risk is 25. The state’s seven-day average of percent positivity is 0.8 percent. Towns with less than 10,000 residents are considered the highest risk for COVID-19 transmission if they have had more than 25 cases.

Oak Bluffs has the highest positivity rate with 8.51 percent. Edgartown is second with a 7.67 percent positivity rate, followed by Tisbury with 6.25 percent, and West Tisbury with 4.58 percent. Chilmark and Aquinnah are both at zero percent.

The Island has reported nine COVID clusters, including an October wedding (eight cases), Cronig’s Market (19 cases), a Bible study group (11 cases), M.V. Hospital (five cases), Project Headway (four cases), King’s barbershop (eight cases), Shirley’s Hardware (all six staff), the Barn Bowl & Bistro (nine cases), and Cardboard Box (three). A cluster is defined as more than two people from different families or households with a shared source of infection.

As of Tuesday, the hospital has administered 18,658 tests, with 1,074 positive results. There have been 17,576 negative tests and zero pending results. 

As of Monday, TestMV, which is located in the parking lot at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, has now administered 38,238 tests, with 375 positive results, 37,733 negative results, and 130 tests pending.

The town of Aquinnah has conducted 456 self-administered tests, of which two have come back positive, 454 negative, and no pending results.

The Martha’s Vineyard public schools have administered 43,662 tests. Of those, 18 have tested positive.

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) has reported a total of 14 positive cases of COVID-19.

Due to how tests are conducted, there can be a discrepancy between the number of positive individuals and the number of positive tests reported.


  1. Looser restrictions and cases on the decline? How could it be? What will the Covid Karens do with all their extra time now?

    • Remember- no good news goes unpunished. You can count on them trotting out the same tired alarmist “Yeah but…” lines to argue that we’re not as safe as we think we are when in reality we are perfectly fine. They’ll call you selfish for following the CDC guidelines because you’ll be putting a theoretical victim at risk even though it’s unlikely to be the actual case.

      • Val– you are projecting when you say “They’ll call you selfish for following the CDC guidelines”–. Who exactly is calling anyone selfish ? Yeah, you can twist Jackie’s comments if you want — but she is saying people who DON’T follow the CDC guidelines are selfish– There’s a difference.
        If you follow CDC guidelines you are not being selfish– you are being free to do what you want– enjoying LIBERTY and FREEDOM.
        If you don’t follow CDC guidelines you are potentially taking away the freedoms and liberties of people you inadvertently infect. And that is selfish.
        And just to put it into perspective, Val– The Us had 300 deaths from covid yesterday — the 7 day moving average on June first was 424.
        On a daily average we have
        136 deaths from drug overdoses
        130 suicides
        54 murders.

        I ask you Val– If OD’s, suicides and murders combined are significantly less than the deaths from Covid, why do you think we should not be concerned with covid ?
        Are you not concerned about drug deaths ?
        Suicides ?
        Murders ?

    • Mike– it could be that the vaccine works. Did you ever think of that ?

      Maybe the covid Karens will start worrying about all those starving children coming over the southern border that will be taking our jobs and murdering our citizens and voting for SOCIALIST and smuggling drugs and pillaging and raping and hating god and hating America and spreading disease and being gay and “making our country dirtier” — Tucker Carlson —- . And let’s not forget that they are getting all the social services like SOCIALIZED health care and education and free food and alcohol while they dare to whistle at white women….

      Now that’s something for all Karens of any gender to worry about.

    • Mourn the 600,000 dead.
      It was unlikely that 600,000 would die.
      Even though it is the actual case.

  2. Yay, good news for islanders! Really grateful we have a vaccine and so many people are doing their part.

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