Oak Bluffs: Organizing your home

—MV Times

Congratulations to all the seniors who graduated from MVRHS, Charter School, and Falmouth Academy. After two years, the schools were finally able to hold their traditional class and awards night and their graduation ceremonies. Over two million dollars were given to students on class night. So much generosity will enable further education by many.

Our favorites, the hummingbirds, returned to the feeder over the weekend after disappearing for almost 10 days. Now they are parading in front of us as we watch from the porch and seem unruffled by the many birds that are at the other feeders. Summer is really here.

News was sent to me of the death of one of Oak Bluffs’ most respected teachers. Priscilla Sylvia died over the weekend. She was approached in awe by new students in her classes each year but they soon came to realize that while she was strict, rules were to be obeyed and she set high standards for them and expected them to do the best they were capable of. No exceptions, but she also could quickly find the students who needed to learn in a different way and would fit their lessons to suit their abilities. When students were in in her classes, they might groan about “the teacher” but probably 9 out of 10 students would name her their best teacher, as they grew older Priscilla was one of the founders and the treasurer for many years of the Friends of Oak Bluffs and we can thank her and the small group of citizens who started this group for much of the beauty around our town: the trees on Circuit Ave., the buckets of flowers and gardens in David Healy Square, and of course the memorial benches throughout the town.  We shall miss her so much for her devotion to the town and its children. I shall miss her as a friend.

Here is some fun news. Pat Law’s band ESP will be playing at the P.A. Club on Saturday, June 12, from 6 to 9 pm. Pat will be providing vocals with Ed Mederios on guitar, Merrily Fenner on bass and keyboard, and special guest Peter Knight will be on drums. The club is open to the public for this event. Austin and Maura have a take out restaurant at the club, so you might grab a bite to enjoy with your beverage to complete your evening out. Bring a friend or two and have a great time.

At last our Oak Bluffs library is open for limited browsing three days a week. The schedule is Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to 4 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm.

Check out the Zoom meeting they are offering Tuesday, June 15, from 7 to 8 pm. Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Home. The dream is to make everything in your home easy to find, quick to locate, always there when you need it, great looking, and stress-free. That’s not always the case. Join the meeting for a presentation about organizing your home in a time when more people are spending more time at home from work. For information on how to access these Zoom meetings and other programs our library offers, you may call the library at 508-693-4103.

Rachel Alley visited her parents over the weekend and introduced them to a new family member: an 8-week-old goldendoodle, Tobago, a.k.a. Toby or Bago. Rachel and Greer Clarke live in Southampton with their two children, Jonas and Drew. The dog’s name is a shout out to Greer’s family who are from Trinidad and Tobago. Not to be outdone by a cute puppy, Jonas had a great but very hot track meet Saturday at Gordon College, where he nearly took the state record in the 100m missing by .05 seconds with a score of 10.45, the second fastest in state history. He was also selected by coaches as Boys Outstanding Overall athlete. Then his sister Drew won three of five basketball games to make it to the championship game at Rachel’s alma mater, Springfield College. What an exhausting but joyous weekend.

Can you believe the last day of the school year will be next Thursday, June 17? Classes will be dismissed at noon that day.

We send birthday smiles to Hilde Combra on June 11, Gerry Moriarty on June 13, Glenn Field on the 15th, and Davy DeBettencourt on the 16th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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