Edgartown PD searches for shoplifters


The Edgartown Police Department is searching for recent shoplifters. The department has asked for the public’s help in identifying the suspects in a Facebook post on Tuesday. 

According to Det. Curtis Chandler, the clothing stores Sea Legs and Rags in Edgartown had items stolen by the shoplifters. 

The post said this incident is related to a previous shoplifting case. Chandler said the shoplifters were caught on camera on their second visit to the stores, when they did not steal anything. The shoplifting occurred on their previous visit to the stores. Chandler said the shoplifting occurred a few days before Sunday. 

The department has given businesses in downtown Edgartown information about shoplifting, what to look out for, and what is needed to prosecute shoplifters. Chandler said business owners have been sharing pictures to keep their stores safe. 

Edgartown deals with a handful of shoplifting cases every year, according to Chandler. 

Anyone with information about these individuals can contact the department by e-mail at Crimetips@edgartown-ma.us or by text or call at (774)-310-1190. 


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