Tisbury select board reorganizes

Jeff Kristal was selected as the select board chair during a Monday morning Zoom meeting.

Jeff Kristal is the new chair of the select board in Tisbury. Kristal was nominated during the board’s first meeting since Jim Rogers was defeated by Roy Cutrer in the town election last week.

The select board, which typically meets on Tuesdays, held the meeting at 10 am Monday, and isn’t scheduled to meet again until July 13. That meeting will also be held remotely.

“Welcome, Roy. Congratulations,” Kristal said to Cutrer. “Put your seatbelt on.”

“And wear that hard hat,” select board member Larry Gomez added. “Take my advice, lose your phone number.”

Kristal is up for re-election next April, and the board’s tradition is to select the next in line to be chair. He was approved in a 2-0 vote. Kristal abstained.

Gomez is the board’s vice chair, and Cutrer will serve as clerk. 

“I wanted to thank Jimmy Rogers for leading us through the last couple of years and through the pandemic. It was no easy task, as everyone knows,” Kristal said. Gomez also thanked Rogers, while Cutrer said, “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

Kristal also expressed gratitude to the school building committee, school committee, and the parent-teacher organization for the Tisbury School project being approved at the polls. “It’s been a hard-fought battle for the school for probably over 10 years now,” Kristal said.

Meanwhile, police Sgt. Jeff Day was on the Zoom call to seek the board’s appointment of Aidan O’Mara as a traffic officer. Day told the board that one of their traffic officers has been activated by the National Guard, and two retirees have other plans. “We’re going to be down three positions here, and we’re looking for a little help,” Day said.

The board also unanimously approved Patrick Rolston as the town’s assistant emergency management director, and extended the appointments for all town boards and committees by 60 days to give them time to review candidates.


  1. How is Sgt. Jeff Day in any position of authority to still be making requests of the BOS, with his documented history of “confusion”, in snatching innocent citizens off Tisbury streets?

    • James, I would imagine that Chief Saloio is to busy out yachting during his last summer on the vineyard to make such requests. Since the bored of selectmen has run off every leader they have ever had it now falls to the ‘tails’ to wag the dog.

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