Oak Bluffs: Music at Featherstone

—MV Times

The Old Farmer’s Almanac offered this advice 125 years ago in July 1896: “The farmer has no excuse for letting the weeds grow in July, for improved implements enable him to get his hay so quickly that plenty of time is left to look after the hoed crops.” I guess that means make hay while the sun shines. And it has been shining enough to bring heat and humidity and cloudy skies. And on this Monday, as I am writing, the forecast informs me that there will be 98 percent humidity today. Because of this heat, it seems as if the birds have been flying in slow motion and their happy songs are more like lullabies than celebration.

I think the heat and the large influx of people which results in long lines everywhere, has pushed some of us into the zone of impatience and rudeness. Well, it won’t last forever so hang in there and try to be kinder.

Saturday last saw many friends, relatives and long-time customers of deBettencourt’ Service Station gather to say their last goodbyes to Nelson W. deBettencourt who had died last October but his services had been delayed like so many others due to COVID. The graveside service was led by Father Mike Nagel and Nelson’s nephew John Tiernan spoke movingly about the kindnesses of his uncle. The occasion also evoked memories of Nelson’s son Eric who passed in February, and now father and son rest together.  After the service, many people stood in line to relay to family members their memories of Nelson and his help to them on so many occasions.

Save the date for a memorial gathering for Barbara Jones on July 15. Friends, family, and colleagues are invited to gather under the tent at Farm Neck from 4 to 6:30 pm to remember Barbara and share stories about this much-loved young woman. I will keep you up to date with a gentle reminder in the weeks ahead.

Musical Mondays continue at Featherstone Center for the Arts. On July 12 at 6:30 pm the artist will be Jon Zeeman. Please be aware that the time actually varies with the time of sunset.

This summer they will celebrate the 10th season of the Photographers Salon and because the 2020 season was canceled due to the pandemic, the center will celebrate their 10+1 anniversary. If you are looking forward to meeting once again on Tuesday nights to see beautiful images and hear the stories behind them, you can do so on July 6. John Rosenmiller will be the presenter.

The Island Grown Initiative Mobile Market will be making stops at Woodside Village starting on Friday, July 9, and residents will be able to shop in person for fresh produce every Friday, July through February, starting at 10:45 am.

A curbside craft event for children takes place at our Oak Bluffs library on July 7. You may wait at curbside anytime between 12 and 4 pm and you will receive materials to take home and create a cottontail rabbit. A month-long scavenger hunt is scheduled for July 1 through July 31. Get a  scavenger hunt checklist at the library (or from the website) and search storefront windows on Circuit Ave. to find the images. This year’s theme is animal tails.

We send birthday smiles for the month of July to Woodside Village residents

Albert Hutchinson, Douglas Searle, Shirley Cartier, Jon Moore, Edwin Lapiene, Myrna Araujo, Raphael Shai, Howard Harrison, and Alan Burnett.

Birthday smiles to Rahmale Hopkins and Deborah deB. Ratcliff on July  3, Joe Alosso on the 4th, Barbara Fehl and Pam Gibson Silva on July 6, Erin Pacheco and Karen Hunt Torrence on July 7.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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