Sam Hart to exit Trustees

Sam Hart is leaving his post as Island Director for The Trustees. — Gabrielle Mannino

Updated July 6

Sam Hart, the Trustees of Reservations director for Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, will step down at the end of July in preparation for a position at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. Hart has been at the Trustees for two years. 

“I really enjoyed my time with the Trustees,” he said. “The Trustees will always be dear to my heart.”

Hart said he’ll begin at the high school at the end of August as an administrator, focused on workforce development and special projects. “I’m very excited to join the high school,” he said.

Hart said he expects the Trustees to begin a search for his replacement. Hart said he will aid the Trustees in establishing a transition plan.

“We’re thrilled,” MVRHS Principal Sara Dingledy told The Times.

A bulletin to faculty, which Dingledy shared with The Times, states in part: “Sam will be the coordinator of Pathways and special projects. His scope of work will support our CTE program and forge partnerships with community and educational organizations, as well as support dual enrollment opportunities and pathways to graduation for students who seek alternatives. Sam will also bring great energy and leadership to our vision for a renovated and improved facility.” 

Updated with information from Dingledy.


  1. His first official act will be to close part of the school because of an endangered animal.

  2. He is going to regret this job big time because it has accountability but no authority. Simple coordination like herding cats and some mild guidance counselling. No decision making to speak of but his work will always be audited and criticized. Lots of authority in last job but not in this new one. Too bad

  3. Following a passion to do good for the rewards of contributing to the successful paths ofcthose who thrive in alternative approaches is a goal for all islanders to admire and be proud of. Craving authority may be a worthwhile goal for authoritarian personality types, but thank goodness the island grows fine young men like Sam Hart who live their life and career as a way to contribute meaningfully, now to the upcoming generation. It takes a true love of doing good for goodness’s sake to direct one’s life and career into such a positive and admirable direction. Best wishes to this fine young man and his growing island family.

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