Possible shark sighting off Norton Point

No fin to see here. South Beach has been closed several times this week after shark sightings. -Eunki Seonwoo

On Sunday, July 11, the Trustees of Reservations had a possible shark sighting off of Norton Point. Lifeguard Lizzie Williamson told The Times that the South Beach lifeguards closed the water at 1:30 pm in an attempt to confirm the sighting. Both the on-land guards and biplanes from Katama Airfield were unable to confirm the presence of a shark, so the beach was reopened at 3 pm.

Brian Usher, a member of the park patrol, told the Times that sometimes beach-goers mistake animals such as seals or sunfish as sharks. 

The lifeguards will continue to closely monitor the water for potential danger to swimmers.


  1. Horrors! A shark in the ocean?! Seriously?!
    Off Norton Point?
    What moron goes swimming off of Norton Point?
    We’re surrounded. Maybe we ought to surrender!

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