Beach Road Weekend gets OK’ed


Tuesday afternoon, the Tisbury select board unanimously approved a conditional agreement for the use of Veterans Memorial Park to facilitate the Beach Road Weekend “350” concert series on July 23, 24, and 25. The agreement includes an updated security deposit, town administrator Jay Grande told the board. Grande said he was finalizing the payroll for town personnel who will be on the job during the concert. 

Planning board member Ben Robinson, who represents Tisbury on the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, asked if funds were being set aside for the long-term maintenance of the park’s fields. 

Grande said there was no provision in the agreement relative to that this year, but said it was an “important” idea. 

Select board chair Jeff Kristal said he didn’t hold the opinion the concert series had a detrimental effect on the park. Kristal said concert promoter Adam Epstein “puts a considerable amount of money” back into the park. He also said the DPW tends to the park. “I’m sure somebody will probably propose synthetic in the next couple of weeks anyway,” Kristal joked.

Epstein said he was proud of investments he’d made in the fields after the last concert, including funding a landscaper to do work on them. 


  1. I am wondering what Vineyard Haven and Veterans Park are requiring Adam Epstein to do in consideration of recycling, waste and plastic bottles as it relates to the large crowds he is trying to draw to concerts in the Park. Carpooling, bring your own water, and take out what you bring in would all be good values he could be espousing/requiring as part of the festival. From what i can gather by the articles about Adam’s plans, i havent heard any consideration of the environment, plastic garbage or mitigation. I have asked this question several times on Adam’s social media and have been roundly ignored. It’s not too late to make all these issues ones he needs to address and come up with solutions to.

  2. Hi Laurie.
    Thank you for your concerns. We respect the environment and consider it a core responsibility of ours to limit waste.

    That said, I have not seen any correspondence from you, but my contact information is widely available. Feel free to contact Town Hall in Tisbury. I have made it clear that I have no problem with my information being shared.

    We have full recycling bins, sorted food waste collection bins that are presented to Island Grown Initiative, boxed water, and no plastic bottles available at the festival.

    This is exactly the same procedures as were put into practice at beach road 2019.

    Is there anything else you’d recommend? If so, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to incorporate your suggestions.

  3. Interesting that Epstein is only one of two people, out of dozens, who publicly responded defensively in these pages to the news that Select Board Chair Kristal tried to use the TPD to target a business owner and its customers in a bullying, vendetta-like attempt. Kristal even wanted to email the other island towns about Bobby B’s, but was told by Police Chief Saloio that it’s best not to put that in writing! (The only other person who used this newspaper‘s comment feature to excuse that ethics-challenged, abuse of power, and bullying behavior was ANDREW ENGELMAN.)

    Being on Kristal’s good side can be a plus, it seems. Being on his bad side? Not so much.

  4. This is all so sad one of our selectman is being swayed by self promoters whose end game is not the public good.They have found the proverbial provincial rube to take advantage of, someone who wants to be friends with “important people”, not the single mother working two or three jobs and putting food on her kids table and making sure they take pride in themselves and their community. A rube is a rube is a rube, vote the meathead out.

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