Keyshawn reaches home base


Late Wednesday afternoon, Keyshawn Devine made it back home to Martha’s Vineyard, after a two-week stay in Boston’s Children Hospital, where he was recovering from his accident. 

After being struck and injured by a pickup truck on MV on July 14, the 9-year-old, who underwent surgery the day before, was escorted from the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s parking lot where he was welcomed by dozens of Islanders.

Members of the community organized this celebration. Among his family members and friends, Sharks baseball players as well as officials all came, wanting to show their support.

Once Keyshawn made his appearance in the parking lot, ambulances and fire truck sirens and lights went on. The 50 or so people that showed up to the parade gathered around the little boy to cheer him. Some held signs that read:  “Welcome home Keyshawn” and “Get well soon.”

Keyshawn seemed a little confused at first by all the attention that was given to him. He had a big smile on his face when one of his friends played the song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” Rick Astley’s biggest hit. 

Keyshawn went home with many gifts. Russ Curran, the Shark’s baseball team general manager, gave the young baseball fan many goodies as well as a framed poster signed by former Boston Red Sox’s player and idol, Andrew Benintendi.