Lagoon Ridge is sold to CapeBuilt

Developers add affordable housing unit, plan construction after the summer season.

From left, Rob Brennan, Marilyn Moses, Alan Schweikert out front Ocean Park Realty in Oak Bluffs. — Brian Dowd

The family of the late David “Davio” Danielson sold the Lagoon Ridge subdivision last week to CapeBuilt, a cottage-style custom home developer on Cape Cod.

Lagoon Ridge LLC sold the 32.5 acre Barnes Road property to CapeBuilt Lagoon Ridge LLC for $3 million, according to county records. Managers for CapeBuilt Lagoon Ridge LLC are listed as Robert Brennan of Amesbury and Ryan Roy of Hyannis.

Lagoon Ridge is the first development in Oak Bluffs approved under the flexible zoning bylaw. The project proposes to build 25 dwelling units on 23 lots. The development was conceived by Danielson who died in 2018, the project went through a permitting odyssey before finally being approved by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission in 2016 and the Oak Bluffs planning board in 2018. The project includes cluster housing, affordable housing, housing for those 55 and older, and open space.

Brennan, a managing partner of CapeBuilt, told The Times that about two years ago the Danielson family was looking for a new team to complete the fully permitted development and reached out to CapeBuilt.

Brennan said his company was attracted to Lagoon Ridge because it was similar to the recently completed Heritage Sands, a development CapeBuilt constructed in Dennisport that included a heavy emphasis on “community fabric” and clustered homes.

“The opportunity to help a new community be born and something you know is going to have a lifespan that is going to far outlive me and my own kids, that’s exciting,” Brennan said. “The opportunity to do that kind of a special project in such a special place was irresistible.”

Brennan said some changes have been made to the project such as adding an additional affordable housing unit for a total of four. The additional unit will be restricted as one of the five units restricted for people aged 55 years or older.

CapeBuilt will also consolidate construction. Originally, the project had construction going on in each of the clusters all at the same time. Now, cluster C, which includes 13 market rate units and four affordable units, will be built first, followed by cluster B, which is four single-family homes, and finally cluster A which will be four 1 to 1.5 acre properties.

While CapeBuilt focuses on cottage scale homes and community development, they also create a lot of workforce housing projects on the Cape.

This isn’t the first project on the Vineyard for CapeBuilt, whose construction division is working with Island Housing Trust on their Kuehn’s Way property. 

“That’s one of the biggest challenges right now … for places like the Cape, like the Vineyard, and Nantucket — trying to provide housing for the men and women and families that make this such a rich and inviting place,” Brennan said. 

Alan Schweikert and Marilyn Moses of Ocean Park Realty are handling the marketing and brokerage for the property.

Schweikert told The Times he knew Danielson well and has worked with the family for a long time. 

“I’m just very happy the property has fallen into Rob’s hands. He’s already been a great custodian of it, he’s a professional, and we’re really excited to get this to the market,” Schweikert said. “This is something the Martha’s Vineyard Commission was very proud to see. Davio was a sensitive guy and he wanted this to be his legacy and Rob’s making that happen.”

Moses said the project is already getting a lot of interest.

“We’re getting calls, we’re excited,” she said.

Brennan said the project is also working on a website which should be up and running by early next week with more information. Construction is planned to begin in late summer or early fall.

“We are so very pleased to have found CapeBuilt, a developer who, from the very beginning, understood Davio’s unique vision and who has the experience to bring it to completion as a beautiful and thriving community on the Island.” Deborah Watrous, manager of Lagoon Ridge LLC, said in an email statement through attorney Eric Peters.


  1. I never saw this advertised for sale anywhere and looks to be a very attractive selling price for the buyer. Let’s hope the affordable units actually get built before anyone can move into the market rate properties.

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