Lani Beach Club hit by shoplifters


On Thursday, Lani Beach Club in Vineyard Haven was a target of shoplifting. 

Corinna Ochoa, owner of Lani Beach Club, said she immediately contacted the police once she found out items had been taken from the store. Ochoa does not have a Facebook account, so she received help from her friend Nevia Steere to post about it on the group Islanders Talk with a photo of the suspects. 

According to the post, the theft occurred around 1 pm and “the girls posted stole about $500 worth of swimsuits and tops.” Steere wrote. 

Bill Brigham, detective of the Tisbury Police Department, said Officer Anthony Fusaro is conducting the investigation. So far, there is only a lead for one of the suspects. 

Brigham said that while there are three people in the security camera images, it is unclear how many of them took part in the shoplifting. 

Ochoa said the suspects were spotted by someone on a ferry to Woods Hole and are “long gone now.” Brigham said he had not received this information so far and cannot verify whether this is “just hearsay or not.”

Those who have information about the suspects should contact the Tisbury Police Department at 508-696-4240.


  1. Thank goodness we don’t live in a state that feels it’s acceptable for people to just stroll in and take whatever they want and walk out with their chests held high🤦‍♀️🥺😉. So sorry one of our local businesses had to deal with this nonsense. As if
    there haven’t already been enough financial challenges for small businesses. Praying they’ll
    catch the thugs that felt this was ok. 😳😡🙏🏻

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