It’s high time for recreational marijuana

Island Time is set to open Aug. 16 in Vineyard Haven.

Island Time, an adult-use recreational marijuana store owned and operated by Geoff Rose, will be opening Monday, Aug 16. -Lucas Thors

Updated 5 pm

Island Time, the recreational marijuana shop on 15 Mechanics St. in Vineyard Haven, has received state permission to open on Monday, August 16, to sell cannabis products to individuals 21 and older, Geoff Rose, the store owner, told The Times.

At just after noon on Friday, Rose received word from the Cannabis Control Commission that the notice to commence operations had been approved. The final inspection was done two weeks ago, Rose said.

Island Time becomes the second marijuana facility to open on the Island. The Fine Fettle facility in West Tisbury opened to medical clients last month, and began selling to recreational users on Monday, August 9, Jay Deyette, general manager, told The Times. Fine Fettle also received its final permission to open on Friday, he said.

Rose started on the journey of bringing legal marijuana to the Island some nine years ago, seeing the benefits it could have for people, including those dealing with mental illness.

“Wow. Going on almost nine years; this is just amazing. It’s a dream come true. It’s an amazing event,” Rose said. “It’s a surreal experience to say that we’re going to be open and able to bring safe and responsible use of cannabis to the adult population of Martha’s Vineyard and all those who visit. It’s a real wow.”

Rose is also the founder of the Island Club Card, which provides discounts to member businesses. He sees the venture into the marijuana business as being along the same lines of providing a community benefit. “We were trying to provide benefits to the local community, and cannabis was in keeping with that mission,” Rose said. “We believed it was going to be a good business. It’s about serving the community, and we saw it as a good business.”

The store will be open by appointment only. Customers can sign up for appointments beginning Saturday, August 14, on the store’s website, The store will open with limited products, Rose said. At first only flower products will be sold, but Island Time will eventually sell edibles, as well.

Updated to indicate that Fine Fettle will start selling recreational cannabis on Monday.


      • Alexis, did I say that? I accept that the store is opening. I just don’t buy the serving-the-community sales pitch that went with it when it comes to recreational use. It’s transparent.

        I usually stay out of weed discussions. The level of defensiveness is so high, no pun intended, that there’s no point. Glad to see nothing has changed. I have friends who claim to adore science who suddenly can’t read if a marijuana study is published by a reputable source that doesn’t confirm exactly what they want it to.

    • Katie—
      Perhaps you are misinformed, but this is the first recreational cannabis store on the island.

      • It needs plenty of things, John, and I support all the time and effort people put into filling those needs. Never heard anyone say, “I need more recreational drugs. Especially weed. It’s just so hard to come by on MV.” Perhaps we know different people, but everyone I’m familiar with has been smoking for decades. It’s already everywhere, plentiful, store or no store. It was never a secret.

        • Katie– I agree, it’s been plentiful. But unless you grew it yourself over the last couple of years, it has had some illegal component to it.
          There will now be fewer “criminals” on this island.
          Isn’t it amazing that this one little thing can cause such a drastic reduction in the crime rate ?
          Everyone is for that . right ?

          • Don, it could increase other illegal activity in the form of drugged driving. Or it may not. I know how it’s played out in other areas with stats, but we don’t know yet what will happen here. Like I said earlier, I’m of two minds. Part of me is very worried. There is nothing that bothers me more than reckless driving. Nothing more selfish and entitled. Part of me thinks this aspect simply can’t get any worse on this Island. I cannot count how many people I know who drive irresponsibly/illegally.

            I don’t agree with the majority that weed is harmless. There are various negatives that, in my opinion, range from very minor to serious. But by far the biggest to me is anything that could impact anyone else. What people do is their business until it affects others.

            I feel exactly the same about substances as I do COVID and vaccines. If someone does not want to be vaccinated and is willing to stay home, that is fine with me. But please don’t go out in public and behave in a manner that could affect the community by exposing others to the consequences of that choice. Yet they do. (I’m halfway sure someone will want to show me the recent articles about strain-specific weed and its effects on driving. Seen ’em.)

        • Katie– I agree with you on some of your points.
          I took a look at the traffic deaths in Colorado– the first state to legalize it, and a state that has the courage to put the facts out there.. Traffic deaths where marijuana had some role were up about 150 % (2013-2017) Overall traffic fatalities were up 35 % .
          A total of 138 marijuana related auto deaths per year.
          They had 188 auto deaths related to Alcohol.
          855 people died from gunshot in 2018
          So where do we , as a free society make the call about what is acceptable ?
          Clearly, if our highest priority is to keep people from dying, guns should go first..
          But we all value our freedom, and our right to make poor choices–
          Look at the numbers of people who are dying from and infecting others of covid because they refuse to vaccinate–
          We have trade offs in a free society.

          • Don, I try to adhere to the old line about “my right to swing my arm ends…”

            I would say that any injury or loss of life that could’ve been prevented through responsible timing is one too many. There are obviously true accidents that we can’t predict, but driving impaired is well within our personal control and knowledge. It could quickly become a horrible trend we leave in the past if more would agree to make the effort 100% of the time. (In theory, anyway. While I believe this is possible, necessary, and the only ethical option, reactions to COVID have dashed my hopes that we will ever fully look out for each other’s safety. 😐)

            I don’t think this legal driving issue means people have to abstain from weed or other substances entirely. It simply means they have to plan ahead to either ensure they won’t need to go anywhere or that someone sober is available to taxi them around. That allows for freedom and safety to co-exist. Other countries do a better job than the U.S. with embracing this concept. But just like with COVID, some find these suggestions very inconvenient and therefore restrictive. To that I can only repeat that no freedom is absolute, nor should it be. I feel that freedom untempered by responsibility in equal measure is rash and probably gonna end badly for everyone involved. “Look at this nifty thing I can do with my liberty! *dies*”

            A lot of inconvenient measures are more than worthwhile in the end.

            Okay, I’m talking a lot, thanks for hearing/reading me out. 🤐

  1. Finally a new business geared towards the masses and not the 1%. Very excited to check it out once open!

  2. This will be very good for the island, and the country. – Science and widespread experience have shown marijuana has no significant harms. Hence, every person who chooses near harmless marijuana over addictive, very harmful alcohol, improves their health significantly – as well as the lives of their family and community.

    • There’s another choice, you know. Don’t use any artificial substance to alter your state of being. I am a proponent of medical marijuana, but I am sorry that anyone feels the need to choose to get high over being sober, alert, and clear-headed in order to relax or enjoy life.

    • John, my life has never been improved by those around me constantly smoking weed. Not even in the slightest. You can speak for yourself, obviously, but not for everyone.

      I didn’t realize Islanders had agreed to pick one, weed vs. alcohol, instead of often choosing both. We definitely know different people.

      I want to say that I hope all will remember legalized sales do not mean drugged driving is in any way legal in Massachusetts. But that would be a false hope. It’s already gone on for ages. People feel entitled to do it, claiming they drive better high. The law stands. Whether this store will make the problem worse, I have no idea. I hope not. It’s so common that I still question whether a difference can be noticed. I lost a friend to drugged driving of this nature, but I’m often told that’s impossible because Willie Nelson said so. Apparently, he’s the final word, not the officials. Which makes sense, given his level of objectivity.

      I later saw an interview about how Nelson quit smoking everything, including weed, because he had “abused” his lungs enough already and smoke had almost killed him. His take, not mine. Now he uses cannabis in a different form. Maybe they need to add that info to his previous viral quote.

      • Katie–
        here is the quote from Willie Nelson.
        “marijuana– it won’t kill you unless a bail of it falls on you”.
        I assume you are referencing this as his viral quote.
        Anything you inhale will damage your lungs if you inhale it long enough.
        Some things cause diseases– tobacco is known to cause lung cancer–
        coal dust is known to cause black lung disease, inhaling asbestos is known to cause mesothelioma. There is know known risk associated with inhaling marijuana.
        if willie Nelson decides to quit smoking, that is not proof that there are any harmful effects from smoking this.
        he made a personal choice to quit smoking– he is 88 years old, and has smoked this stuff all his life. You are in no position to pontificate about his marijuana use.

        • Uh, I wasn’t pontificating. I am aware he made a personal choice. What I was saying is that quote has been relayed to me — more than once, actually — when I have brought up my friend’s death. It’s wildly inappropriate at times. If I had to guess, Nelson himself was probably not referring to auto accidents at all but rather the lack of overdoses from marijuana. But it became a pretty common meme and retort that only has limited truth to it once drugged driving enters the picture. His marijuana use isn’t my concern. I understood what he said and why he quit smoking vs. using other forms. I’m not that ignorant of drug knowledge. But the way others interpret that comment can be an issue and I do think there’s some irony in his more recent quotes that maybe people could learn from. The part about it almost killing him was his description. Not mine. No, he was not just speaking of weed when he said that. He was speaking of smoking anything. I tried to indicate as much. I wasn’t judging Willie Nelson — he at least is honest. I am just tired of people twisting his words/joke to ignore a very real issue.

    • Jim — I think that headline was pretty good.
      Here—- ssssshhhh– have a hit of this and inhale deeply — it will sound better 🙂

    • Jim, this paper is always ready with the puns, though my favorite (sincerely) remains Tisbury Town Hall Goes Topless. 🙂 (If recall correctly, and sometimes I do not, that one was offensive to some. lol.)

      • Yeah, I remember that one. However, if I want those types of headlines I’ll go back to reading the Onion.

  3. The nay sayers arguments are just silly. Thankfully all they can do is fear monger and whine. Weed is finally legal in Ma and that’s not gonna change.

    • We know it’s legal to sell and buy. That isn’t being debated and no one expects it to change from what I have seen. The points raised are not fear-mongering. Just as legal sales are now a fact, so are the illegalities of driving high. Drugged driving is a real problem. You can look it up. If you consider concern for public safety to be whining, that’s unfortunate and a little scary.

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