Eversource says it’s ‘confident’ it can maintain Vineyard electricity

A barge in Woods Hole was on deck to begin Eversource work in Vineyard Sound. — George Brennan

In a bullet-point statement issued to The Times Saturday, Eversource spokesman Bill Hinkle outlined the energy company’s progress on examining the failed undersea cable that led to a short brownout on the Vineyard in July. 

Hinkle also stated Eversource remains “confident” the generators it has brought to the Vineyard, coupled with close monitoring of permanent infrastructure, will be sufficient to maintain electrical reliability for the Island. As of July 23, 15 generators with 28 megawatts of backup power have been brought to bear on the Vineyard, Hinkle stated. 

“Since Monday, July 26, diving teams have been conducting a thorough examination of the submarine cable to locate the fault and ensure that no other faults are found,” Hinkle wrote. “To date, more than 5,000 feet of cable have been inspected, and we have confirmed the location of a single fault. At the same time, we have also been focused on procuring and testing all the necessary materials to make the repairs, as well as other logistics that go into such a high-skilled, complex endeavor.” 

Repairs will be done by barge, Hinkle noted. The barge arrived on Monday, August 9, in Woods Hole, and on Wednesday morning it could be seen leaving the dock and headed out into the Sound under tow.

On Wednesday, Hinkle wrote, “When it anchors today, it will be about 11,000 feet off Falmouth and about 15,000 feet off the Vineyard.”

Repairs are expected to take two to four weeks, according to Hinkle. Local officials have been receiving updates on the progress, he noted. 

Hinkle wasn’t able to provide a reason for the cable failure.

“The cable requires further evaluation once it is removed to help determine the cause,” he wrote.  



  1. They are “confident” they can maintain vineyard electricity—- that’s nice..
    Lucky for them there are hundreds, if not thousands of solar arrays on the vineyard to help them out..

    My doctor told me I was gonna die, but he didn’t say when..

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