TestMV sees uptick in tests

A long line at the TestMV site Wednesday. — Brian Dowd

Updated August 12

TestMV, the asymptomatic testing site at the West Tisbury School, has seen an increase in the number of people seeking tests for COVID-19. There was a long line of cars at the testing site Wednesday.

“It seems to be driven by clusters in restaurants,” TestMV spokesperson Mary Breslauer said.

In an email to The Times Wednesday, boards of health spokesperson and Tisbury health agent Maura Valley said health agents have discussed the rise in case numbers, but no changes or updates to mask policies have been put in place.

The Martha’s Vineyard boards of health reported 18 new cases Thursday for a total of 54 since Sunday — surpassing last week’s total of 48 cases.

The Port Hunter and Alchemy temporarily closed their doors during the Island’s busiest month of the year.

Edgartown health agent Matt Poole told The Times Monday that two restaurants in Edgartown had temporarily closed due to staff testing positive for COVID-19. All of this comes as the Island has had an uptick in positive COVID-19 results.

The Port Hunter was closed starting August 2, but has since reopened. Poole called the Port Hunter’s situation a “success story” due to the restaurant’s quick action in identifying and containing the positive case. “It was an example of people doing the right thing,” Poole said. 

The other restaurant to close was Alchemy, which Poole described as a “bigger group.” 

Alchemy closed on Friday after a member of their staff tested positive for COVID-19, according to an Instagram post. In a new post Tuesday, Alchemy wrote that they will be opening on August 16.

“After testing our full staff for COVID-19 and working diligently with the Edgartown board of health, we have decided to set a reopening date that we are confident will ensure the health and safety of our staff, guests, and community,” the post reads.

Both restaurants also have high vaccination rates, according to Poole.

The Newes From America reopened Tuesday at 5 pm, after being closed for several days due to a staff member testing positive for COVID-19.


Updated to include 13 COVID cases Wednesday and email from Maura Valley. — Ed.


    • Not until after the Fair and other superspreader events have raked in the crowds and the money. In fact, for now, those in the position of mandating local rules to curb spread, pretend that antivax, antimask “patriots” will comply when they’re asked to put a damn mask on in all the Fairgrounds, not just indoors.The pigs in the barn at the Fair are unmistakable. The unvaxed, unmasked pigs on 2 legs, growing and spreading variants, are indistinguishable from the vaxed. Oinkers will be oinkers. 🐷

      The same is going on at the very crowded Chilmark Flea Markets every Saturday and Wednesday. Antivaxers are nicely asked to wear a mask. They don’t. Not even if they’re a vendor mingling closely with customers inside their individual tent. Oink.

      I can’t imagine why we’re having this surge in cases.

  1. Exactly, Jacqueline. Martha’s Vineyard is lost in a fantasy of self-absorption and greed — when, in fact, Dukes County is one of TWO highest risk counties in Massachusetts — the other Nantucket. They have a Island-wide mask mandate enacted since the middle of July.

    The USA is in the most serious threat of the Covid19 pandemic, with the Delta variant, since March 2020. Human beings of ALL ages are now unnecessarily exposed and infected by the unvaccinated, who are also now grossly overtaxing our national health professionals and system. The Covid19 vaccinations made this preventable. However, infants, babies, and children are now DYING as a result of the unconscionably selfish, utterly narcissistic, and entirely irresponsible “choice” to avoid the Covid19 vaccination. It’s barbaric. In 18 months, we have already lost 635,268 (to date) Americans to Covid19. The new DAILY cases are ~174K in America. The Delta variant is 40-60% more contagious, with a 1000% greater respiratory/lung viral load, than the original Wuhan strain. We’re a rural ISLAND with a triage hospital of 27 beds and 3 ventilators — and presently ~200K vaccine/virus unverified transient global residents/visitors.

    WAKE UP, Martha’s Vineyard!!! NOW.

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