Oak Bluffs: Martin Sexton’s new album

—MV Times

Just when I think I cannot stand one more minute of trying to breathe in the thick soupy, humid air and listening to the noisy humming of the air conditioners, the weather becomes much less humid and a bit cooler. Then I think of all the people here on the front lines: emergency and health care workers, the people who struggle every day to keep our stores open and delivering necessary supplies to us all and the many who do not have any kind of air conditioners. I am ashamed of fussing over so little and thankful for what I have and all who are helping us out. We need to keep on being patient and kind, and cautious and please wear masks.

Our pets keep me occupied with letting them in and out of the house as the cat Doodle does not want to come inside while the air conditioners are on so I have to shut them off anytime he comes in to eat or snack a bit then he wants to go out immediately throughout the day. The dog Chance is not a bit fussy about where he is whether it is inside staying cool or on the porch or lying outside on the lawn in the heat. His only wish is to be wherever his favorite people happen to be.

James Rogers died on Sunday at home with his family after a long illness. Jimmy or Jim, as we all knew him, was my late husband’s first cousin and whenever they would meet up they would greet each other with a “Hello, Cuz.” Jim worked for many years as a truck driver delivering freight for his dad’s company, Rogers’ Trucking, when it was one of the only two delivery companies on the Island. He continued on that path of truck driver throughout much of his life. He will be missed by his many friends and his wife, Sylvia, and children Leigh, Cammy, and Becky. We are so very sorry.

Our Oak Bluffs library is still quite limited in the resources available. The children’s room is open for browsing by appointment, but strictly restricted as to where and how long you can stay and the number of patrons allowed in at one time. According to the library website, the only program for teens is to sign up for summer reading on Beanstack @(oakbluffslibrary.beanstack.org) and come by the library to sign up and pick up a goodie bag. Adult programs appear to be available only through Zoom, and you may access these programs by logging on to the library website.

Rachel Alley and Greer Clarke arrived over the weekend for a week’s vacation on-Island. Their children, Jonas and Drew, came on Monday to join them and soon the whole family will be busy visiting family, swimming, and all sorts of Island activities.

The U.S. Tennis Association and the Jack and Jill Foundation are teaming up to bring the residents of Martha’s Vineyard a free tennis clinic to introduce them to the sport in a fun and unique way on August 19 at Farm Neck Tennis Club in Oak Bluffs. Both youth and adult players of all ability levels and their families are welcome to attend, and racquets will be provided for those who do not own them. The schedule of events for August 19 is as follows: Tennis for ages 6 to 11: 1 to 2:30 pm; tennis for ages 12 to 17: 2:30 to 4 pm, and tennis for ages 18 and up: 2:30 to 4 pm. This is both the USTA’s and Jack and Jill’s activation at Farm Neck Club.

Attention all you Livingston Taylor fans: He will be performing at the Loft in Oak Bluffs on August 28. He’ll be joined by special guest, Alisa Amador, and is thrilled to be back on the road, continuing his 50-plus year career.

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Martin Sexton recently announced his new EP “2020 Vision” will release on Sept. 10. It’s his first new release in six years since his critically acclaimed album “Mixtape of Open Road.” The EP is a four-song collection that snapshots moments of clarity during the past year and beyond. He’ll be performing in Oak Bluffs on Friday, August 20, at the Loft.

Bill White is back at the Oak Bluffs senior center with his exercise program both in-person and via Zoom. This program will be available Monday through Friday at 3 pm. Please call Rose at the center at 508-693-4509, ext. 3, for login information. If you are interested in attending in-person, the program is every Thursday, but limited to the first 14 people who call, so please contact Rose to reserve space and for time information.

If you have any news or ideas you wish to pass along, please send me any info at the phone number or website listed at the top of my column.

We send Birthday smiles to Marilyn Wey on August 20, Bob Penny on the 21st, Erin deBettencourt on the 23rd, Christine Anthony on the 24th, and Ken Rusczyk on August 20.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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