TestMV moves to Ag Hall


TestMV, the Island’s asymptomatic testing site, is moving to a new home outside the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury.

Testing at the new location will begin Monday, August 30. Hours are from 9 am to 1 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays the site will be closed. The site was moved due to the beginning of the school year, according to spokesperson Mary Breslauer. 

“We will stay open as long as necessary, and certainly expect to be there through the winter,” Breslauer told The Times.

People can call the hotline at 877-336-9855, download the Quest app, or show up at the site with a smart device for registration and same-day testing.

The asymptomatic COVID testing site has been in operation at the high school since June 1, 2020. TestMV was made possible through a partnership with Island Health Care, Quest Diagnostics, and Martha’s Vineyard Bank. In that time, the testing site has administered more than 41,000 COVID tests.


  1. Try getting someone to pick up the “hotline” phone. It must be too hot to handle. I’ve tried several times now with no success.

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