West Tisbury euthanizes Stella


The West Tisbury Animal Control Department has euthanized Stella, a female German shepherd, following a July select board order. Stella allegedly bit people in July and December, and was put down on August 26, according to West Tisbury Animal Control Officer Anthony Cordray. Stella’s owners appealed the select board euthanasia order in Edgartown District Court through a magistrate’s hearing, but the appeal failed, Cordray said; Stella’s owners could have taken further action with the court but didn’t.


  1. Why wasn’t Stella rehomed off-Island where she could’ve had proper behavioral training and lived with a loving family? There are MANY other options than taking the LIFE of an innocent dog. Unconscionable — especially on Martha’s Vineyard.

  2. Maybe we should take the lives of humans who commit offenses as quickly as we do to the lives of dogs. Maybe that would be a deterrent to committing criminal acts.

    • This is a shameful and heinous disgrace about which I am deeply saddened. As Jesse Chase has sad, unconscionable. Wake up, Homo Sapiens.

  3. What a horrible waste of a dogs life. This living creature could have easily been relocated to allow for behavior training instead of killing it. Shame an remorse

  4. can’t believe my town would committ such a savage act
    im sure the owners and stella had a loving relationship
    what happened to love in our mankind?

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