Another vote for less mowing


To the Editor:

I agree completely with Eileen Padua in her complaint about the frequency and loudness of landscaping and mowing equipment. Some landscapers use extremely loud, polluting, gas-powered mowers, blowers (aargh!) and hedge trimmers; at times, more than one deafening machine at the same time.

Is there a rule that your lawn can’t be more than one inch tall? Is there an inspector who will fine you if your hedge doesn’t have a completely flat top at all times? Has everyone forgotten how to use a rake and a broom?

There are battery-powered mowers, blowers, and trimmers that make less than half the noise of gas-powered equipment, and don’t pollute the atmosphere! Consider your neighbors! Tell your landscaper to visit less often — you’ll survive (and save a lot of money), and your neighbors will be much happier and less resentful.

Steve Auerbach
Oak Bluffs