West Brookfield woman killed in moped crash

New details emerge about Saturday’s fatal crash in Chilmark.

Local and state emergency officials responded to the scene of the crash in Chilmark. -Rich Saltzberg

Hannah Malany lozzo, 20, of West Brookfield has been identified as the woman killed in Saturday’s moped crash on South Road in Chilmark, according to Chilmark Police.

The 20-year-old driver of the moped, who was airlifted to a Rhode Island Hospital, was not identified by police. His condition is unknown, though police described his injuries as severe.

According to an obituary, Iozzo was on a family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. She is survived by her mother, Heidi Murry, and her husband, Adam of West Brookfield.

Iozzo was a 2019 graduate of Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School in Charlton, where she studied electrical, according to the obituary. She was a third-year electrical apprentice with Local Union 96. “Hannah enjoyed cheerleading, running track, giraffes, and the color purple,” her obituary states.

The crash occurred at approximately 11:58 am Saturday in the area of Stonewood Lane, police said. “Evidence at the scene and witness statements indicated a 2016 Lexus RX 350 (Vehicle 1) was traveling east on South Road. A 2018 Genuine Venture moped (Vehicle 2) was traveling west on South Road past Stonewood Lane, and veered into the eastbound travel lane, crossing the double yellow line and colliding with the Lexus on the front driver side of the vehicle. Both occupants of the moped were thrown to the side of the road.”

The SUV was driven by a 79-year-old male from Edgartown who was not identified by police. A 77-year-old Edgartown woman was a passenger in the SUV. They were uninjured in the crash. The moped was rented at Kings Rentals in Oak Bluffs.

On Saturday, South Road was closed for two hours. Traffic was detoured at Alley’s General Store in West Tisbury and at another point in Chilmark while police, firefighters, and ambulance personnel dealt with the scene. 

Martha’s Vineyard Commissioner Ben Robinson told The Times he witnessed the accident. Robinson said he was driving on South Road, headed down-Island, and saw two mopeds approaching a car right in front of his. The moped was close to the centerline, he noted. Robinson said when the moped made contact with the SUV, both passengers were thrown from it.

“I immediately stopped my car and jumped out,” Robinson said. “You could tell the moped driver was conscious, moving, and then the other wasn’t. So I rushed to try to aid her.” 

Robinson said the woman was thrown “a good distance.” Both the man and woman appeared badly hurt, Robinson said. Robinson said he saw helmets at the scene, but he couldn’t recall if the people on the moped had been wearing them. 

Robinson said a firefighter or EMT was in nearby traffic, and immediately rendered aid and mustered help. Robinson also said someone whom he described as a California ER doctor was also in nearby traffic, and went to work on the male moped operator. Despite a series of heroic efforts, Robinson said, paramedics were unable to revive the woman.

The man was airlifted to a Rhode Island hospital, while the woman was taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital by Tri-Town Ambulance and pronounced dead, according to police. 

When a Times reporter arrived on the scene, debris remained on the roadway, and the moped and Lexus had yet to be removed. Some residents who lived near to the accident scene were allowed past the cordon to get to their homes. After being closed for about two hours, South Road reopened just after 2:30 pm.

The Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Section (CARS) responded to the incident site on Sunday, August 29, to gather the data necessary for a reconstruction report. The facts and circumstances of the crash remain under investigation. 


  1. How do the owners of these moped rental shops sleep at night? Is the money worth all the deaths and injuries?

  2. Allowing two people on a moped is, or should be, criminal. Yet again a moped veers into the oncoming lane and death is the result. How many times does this have to happen?

    • Agree completely, I cringe when I see two riders on these little vehicles. Most of the recent horrible accidents involve this situation.

  3. Is there something inherently dangerous about mopeds that causes them to have accidents or, rather, are these accidents caused by the negligence and inexperience of their operators?
    If the later, why are so many demanding that mopeds be banned? Maybe the problem lies with inexperienced operators. Maybe mopeds should not be rented to anyone who doesn’t possess a motorcycle operator’s license. I really think that is an issue that the Dept. Of Motor Vehicles should be looking into for the safety of all concerned.

    • John– You are absolutely correct that the problem is inexperienced riders.
      Requiring a motorcycle license would shut them down.
      But a motorcycle license is not required to operate a privately owned moped, so until that changes , requiring a license to rent one won’t fly.
      We might have a better chance with only allowing one rider , but then we would have more mopeds.
      I think the only legal solution would be to buy the existing establishments out, and then not issue any new permits.

        • Albert..
          Are we going down the Orwellian double speak rabbit hole here ?
          I thought trump was pro business with no regulations.
          The greatest job creator we have ever had, according to his followers.
          The moped rental owners would want a lot of money to be bought out, so we would be generating tremendous wealth for a few individuals.
          Some new ambitious entrepreneur could buy or rent the space and perhaps open an adult sexual enhancement shop. We know there are lots of people who are interested in sex on this island, and there is not a single store that sells anything that would enhance the experience of consenting adults.
          It would likely be a very successful business and nobody would die.

          • That was a typo, of course I meant Bidenism.
            (Either that or I was making a feeble attempt at sarcasm.)
            Trump would give the fast buck entrepreneur mopedists the Presidential Medal of Honor.
            And by Executive Order a well deserved tax break for making the Island economy the most fantastic in country.

            “The moped rental owners would want a lot of money to be bought out, so we would be generating tremendous wealth for a few individuals.”
            Not true!
            The mopeders are already wealthy. they have very successful businesses, there will be no shortage of people willing to buy them out when they are ready to sell.

            “It would likely be a very successful business and nobody would die.”
            Not true!
            And others.

            There is one commonality between mopeds and sex.
            Most people do not want to seen doing either, in public.
            At least by people they know.

  4. First article says both car and moped close to center lane Now I witness statemen;according to your writing, moped was close to center line Though you interjected early witness acounts says moped crossed center line? A life was lost Id think you would tighten this writing up. Name with held?Why wealth coverup?

    • I think it’s less a conspiracy and more being circumspect in order to avoid alerting family members of a death before the authorities can. As for where the moped was specifically…there are the eyewitness statements and then there is the reconstruction developed through physical evidence. Not everything is a conspiracy.

    • Harland– if they were no at fault, why do you think their names should be made public ?
      Are people not entitled to privacy if someone else loses control of their vehicle and runs into them? They are elderly people who were not at fault. Publicizing their names would only cause them more trauma than they are already experiencing.
      When I think about it, your comment is quite deplorable, in my opinion.
      What would you have the general public do with that information ?
      What would the point be ?
      Why do you want to know ?

  5. Jim and Gail, if Tisbury PD precedent in these matters is meaningful, you would have a decent guess as to the profession of the other involved parties.
    As there has not yet been unreasonable efforts to conceal these names, higher ethical standards in Chilmark are assumed.

    But only speculation, of course.

  6. The police have the names on their report. It is public information. Not blaming anyone for the incident. It is being investigated. Not meant to harm anyone’s reputation. I feel empathy for the car occupants. Could have happened to anyone, unexpectedly. Mopeds should be banned on MV, unless the moped drivers are skilled and mature and trained to operate. Not enough space on the roads for mopeds , bicycles and cars during the vacation seasons. We need more walking and bicycle paths NOW.

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