Cribbage Club results

The cribbage card game also uses a board for keeping score. — J. Wynia

Twenty-three members of the Vineyard Cribbage Club met at the American Legion Hall in Edgartown on Sept. 1 and started their third season.

Results include Patricia Bergeron in first place with a 14/6 plus 169 card (very impressive, with four skunks); Bill Russell in second place with a 13/5 plus 96 card; Albert Whittier with an 11/5 plus 58 card; Neale Bassett in fourth with a 10/5 plus 39 card; Louis Larsen in fifth place with a 9/4 plus 65 card, and Colin Evanson in sixth place with a 9/4 plus 42 card.

The club awarded five 24-point hands, and the group as a whole had 9 skunks (winning greater than 30 points).

The Vineyard Cribbage Club meets every Wednesday at the American Legion Hall in Edgartown. If you like cribbage, come on by and check us out.