Kindia Roman listed dead in town report

Kindia Roman, shown here being sworn in as a Tisbury police officer, is listed as dead in the Tisbury 2019 annual report. — Nathaniel Horwitz

Former Tisbury Police Sgt. Kindia Roman is listed as deceased in the 2019 town report. Roman, who is not dead, last served on the Tisbury Police Department in 2018. Roman’s attorney, Tim Burke, told The Times he found the death entry evidence of retaliation against his client. In light of the entry, Burke said he is considering amending Roman’s federal lawsuit against the town, former Tisbury Police Chief Mark Saloio, and Tisbury Police Sgt. Max Sherman. That suit, filed in 2020, alleges Roman was subject to civil rights violations, sexual harassment, discrimination, and conspiracy, among other allegations, while at the Tisbury Police Department. In the police roster on page 16 of the 2019 annual report, Roman’s name appears with two asterisks beside it. A footnote on page 18 provides a key to asterisks used in the “Appointed Town Officers” section of the report in which Roman’s name is listed. One asterisk denotes “resigned,” while two asterisks denote “deceased.”

Kindia Roman is listed as dead in the Tisbury 2019 annual report.

Pam Bennett, Tisbury human resources coordinator, described the entry as a clerical error.

“That year I changed the symbols, since they did not make sense for that page previously,” Bennett emailed. “I should have removed her from the roster entirely for that year, since she was not working for the town. I thought I had. Usually I get a chance to proofread and would have caught it, but that year, due to COVID, we were working from home, and I did not get the chance to proofread.”

Tisbury annual reports are generally published shortly before the annual town meeting in spring of the year following the title year of the report. A town website states Tisbury’s 2019 annual report was posted online on March 30, 2020, at 3:33 pm. Tisbury’s annual town meeting would have normally occurred in April 2020, but was delayed due to the pandemic. 

Roman, a Westwood Police officer, declined comment on the entry besides confirming she is alive.


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