West Tisbury searches for next committee chair


The West Tisbury Complete Streets committee is searching for someone to be its next chair. 

During a recent Zoom meeting, current committee chair Berta Geller said she plans to leave the committee by early October, but will continue to help with a more distant relationship, such as by proofreading grant applications. Geller asked if any of the members would like to step up to the position, but they were reluctant to do so. 

Jane Rossi, West Tisbury planning board administrator, suggested nominating committee member Rachel Baumrin. However, Baumrin said her own responsibilities outside the committee would not make it possible for her to conduct the duties of the chair. “I’m running two businesses and a multitude of other things, and those two are not getting my full attention,” Barumrin said.

Another person Rossi was thinking of nominating was committee member Tony Omer. Unfortunately, he has been absent from the Zoom meetings due to a family illness. 

Geller said that being chair does not take an extensive amount of time, compared with being a committee member. Rossi is the one tasked with setting up the agendas and organizing and leading the meetings. The primary responsibilities are moving things along, checking with Rossi to make sure everything that should be discussed and acted on is on the agenda, and carefully looking at the minutes. Geller said she set things up so it would be easy to take up the duties. 

Rossi said the opening would be posted on West Tisbury’s website. She and Geller have been reaching out to people, but have not had a lot of luck so far in finding candidates. 

The committee decided to meet again Thursday at 4 pm to continue the search for a new chair.

In other news, the Lambert’s Cove Beach area may be seeing some additions in the near future — benches from Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation are planned in the area and at the bus stop. Silk plans to contact the foundation to get a date.

A crosswalk is also planned for Lambert’s Cove Road. Progress has been slow, but Rossi hopes to have it installed by the end of the month. People still go to the beach in September and October, although not as many as during the summer.